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Joyce Murray submits her answers to my 6 questions

I will not lie; I’ve been very disappointed with the lackadaisical response from the LPC Leadership candidates to a series of questions I submitted to them for responding – not just mine but ones some Liberal card-carrying members/supporters wanted asked. It’s a far cry from the Ontario Liberal Leadership campaigns, whose candidates for the most part were very eager to submit responses and allow the Ontario Liberal net/grassroots see their views on social media. I would have thought I’d have at least gotten some from the “2nd tier” federal Liberal candidates looking for some exposure, but not a word from them either. I will grant that I’d have gotten response […]


A non-endorsement in the LPC Leadership race.

I’m still a neutral in this Liberal Leadership race, and haven’t decided yet who I’ll vote for and in what order, but I can certainly tell you who isn’t going to be on my voting ballot – Martha Hall Findlay.

Yes, she represents (or tries to represent) the centre-right in the Liberal Party, and there needs to be a conduit for those views, but she went over the line when she openly said Joyce Murray should be running for the leadership of another party due to her cooperation views with other parties – a tactic that led to the most unusual step of Liberal MP’s openly being critical of MHF […]


Joyce Murray and her supporters can’t be ignored with a good vote result

A nice article by Tim Harper on Liberal Leadership candidate Joyce Murray can be found here. There seems to be a growing impression Ms. Murray will do well in voting in the Liberal leadership race (relatively speaking, considering how many supporters Justin Trudeau has signed up).

Now, I’ll say again that I’m still neutral on what candidate I’d vote for (and I do have a vote, as I registered awhile back), and quite frankly, I’m not in total agreement with Ms. Murray on electoral reform, specifically that we should be trying to push proportional representation. It’s good in principle, but I think that Canadians have shown they have no appetite […]

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