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Juicy tidbits for a Monday

– If the story mentioned at this site in Nova Scotia and referenced to by Warren and a few others this morning is true, and the Halifax Chronicle Herald wins the right to publicize whatever is on this alleged tape, Lisa Raitt will not survive this. Keep an eye on the national broadcasters and/or the Chronicle Herald’s site today (as well as the Nova Scotia site).

– When it isn’t tapes causing Harper and the Conservatives trouble, or lost binders on nuclear isotopes, it’s brown paper envelopes getting sent to newspapers such as Le Devoir detailing how Canada would try to privately undermine the Bali environmental agreement that it didn’t […]


Is there a 26 year old aide or 2 that the Conservatives can blame for these?

Following the Lisa Raitt missing binder affair, I’m sure these 2 stories aren’t exactly what the Conservatives had in mind to demonstrate to the Canadian electorate there is competence in this government:

– First, it seems there’s a lot of gold missing out of the Canadian Mint, though they’re not sure how much yet, or the Conservatives are refusing to say. (H/T Woman @ Mile 0)

– Second, it seems that in the government’s haste to sell off “extra items” that Rideau Hall had, they somehow managed to sell some silver flower baskets that were on loan from Queen Elizabeth and Buckingham Palace (and they didn’t even get full value […]


Focus on the real scandal.

The Toronto Star came up with a cute name for the Chalk River/missing documents scandal that has engulfed Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt and caused the Conservatives to scapegoat her aide; they’re calling it Raitt-Gate. Very cute, if not exactly original.

In the very same paper, the Toronto Star editorial thinks the opposition should move on from calling on Raitt to resign. I’ll agree to a point, and say what I’ve said on here before; the Opposition parties should be focusing on the actual details that were leaked in that binder. The Toronto Star editorial failed to mention that part of this scandal, and seems to have failed to realize […]


Harper: The buck stops here (at Minister Raitt’s aide’s desk)

Well.. it appears Lisa Raitt offered her resignation to Harper today over the missing documents flap, but he refused it. Why? Because he and the PMO like Lisa Raitt a lot more then they did Maxime Bernier, who apparently was “too independent” for Harper’s tastes.

Instead, they decided to try to pin the missing documents on Raitt’s young aide, whose resignation was compelled offered and accepted today. Problem is, CTV (and Robert Fife of all people). seem to have shot a hole thru that excuse that it was the aide’s fault. As Jeff has related here, Fife discovered these were Raitt’s actual minister documents that went missing, and there are […]

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