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Humorous Harper Hypocrisy for your long weekend.

“Meeting celebrities isn’t my shtick. That was the shtick of the previous guy.” -Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2007 when asked why he refused to meet Bono to discuss funding for AIDS research and prevention in Africa.

Pictorial evidence seems to contradict that statement however:

Some selective shtick.

I’m thinking the more accurate statement from Harper would have been to say: “Meeting celebrities that don’t agree with my political point of view or don’t offer the potential to increase my popularity or my electoral chances is not my shtick”.

H/T to my liberal friend D.


Nice new senator you’ve picked there, Harper.

There are two traits of our newest Conservative Senator, David Braley (who, by the way, owns 2 CFL teams – the Toronto Argos and the BC Lions. I still don’t get how he’s allowed to own 2 different teams in the same league – conflict of interest anyone? – but that’s another story).

The first trait, as noted by Kady O’Malley, is that he already has the Conservative trait of deny, deny, deny, even when faced with facts:

From today’s Globe and Mail:

As the Prime Minister’s Office announced Mr. Braley’s appointment, opposition Liberal researchers said he personally donated $16,500 to Mr. Harper’s 2004 leadership campaign and that his company […]


Strange issue to be wanting an election over.

I think I’m in Steve V’s camp. I don’t quite understand why the Conservatives are threatening an election because they don’t want to tell Parliament or Canada where the 3 billion $ emergency fund is going to be dispersed – even in general terms. Lack of accountability seems a rather bad issue for the government to be falling over and causing an early election on.

The Liberals – or any of the opposition for that matter – can make a very good case that accountability is needed, particularly when they remind the public of how this Conservative government loves to play pork-barrel politics:

Of specific infrastructure projects announced across Canada […]


OMG! The Liberals are fundraising!!!

NDP MP Chris Charlton needs better talking points then what she used on CTV today.. or the NDP does… because the reaction she gave was utterly hypocritical. (Read more) […]


Hypocrisy, thy name is The Blogging Tories.

So apparently, the big Conservative plan of attack on Mr. Ignatieff today has been to charge that he doesn’t even donate money to his own party. All types of Conservative bloggers and ahem, friendly news aggregators, have apparently been given their orders to parrot this around today.

I have just a couple of suggestions to our digging dirt right-wing compatriots:

a) I’d suggest the Conservatives do some better research at that multi-million dollar war-room facility of theirs, which would have showed that Mr Ignatieff and his wife have indeed donated to the LPC the past several years, as Warren documents at his blog at the above link.

b) Also courtesy […]


The Conservatives are financially prudent?

Where do they get that undeserved reputation, when they pull stunts like this?

The Conservative government has decided that U. S. aerospace giant Sikorsky will not have to pay $36-million in late penalties even though the maritime helicopter it is building for the Canadian Forces is being delivered two years late. Instead, the government has cut a new deal with Sikorsky, resetting the clock on when the firm would be liable for late penalties, if at all. The U. S. company has been given another two years before facing any sanctions. Under the new deal, Canadian taxpayers will now pay Sikorsky $117-million extra for improvements to be made to the […]


Harper flip-flops

My, My. Harper as been making it awfully easy of late to show his hypocrisy on issues.

First, we find out from news “sources” he’ll be stacking the Senate with 18 Conservative loyalists:

…according to insiders, what really drove Harper to move quickly and fill the vacant Senate seats is the possibility of losing political power in January at the hands of the Liberal-NDP coalition.

The point is made elsewhere that Harper has never appeared to be that serious about Senate reform anyways, but for someone who claimed to want to reform the institution so it would be democratic, and to then turn around and pack it with Con cronies […]


Cons. looking for floor-crossers and “traitors” to save them.

That’s my interpretation of London Centre-North Liberal MP Glen Pearson’s blogentry yesterday:

“Well, it’s just a mess. I was approached by three Conservatives today to help support them, saying that I was an honest broker type and that my voice would be respected. But when I asked them if they would just quit playing this kind of brinksmanship and retreat to a position of non-partisanship and accommodation, they quietly moved away. And there’s the problem: if it won’t start with the Conservatives, it won’t start at all. They are the government and the responsibility lies with them. Their lack of refined leadership has ultimately led to a lack of productivity.”



Just curious about 1 thing over this potential defeat of Harper.

How many Blogging Tory sites before and during the election campaign were calling on Harper and the Conservatives to eliminate public election financing? For that matter, how many were calling for it in between election day and prior to the leakage about Flaherty intending to eliminate it 3 days ago?

It certainly wasn’t in the Conservative Party platform. And, as I recall, it wasn’t passed or even talked about as a resolution out at the CPC policy Convention in Winnipeg.

Strange how it’s become a matter of utmost importance now that the Conservative government is in peril, eh?


Harper victory not exactly reassuring the markets. And more copying from Harper.

It seems that the Harper minority victory which he promises to bring a “steadying hand” in times of economic turmoil isn’t exactly reassuring the Toronto stock market today, as it is currently down 518 points as of 3:30pm.

Meanwhile, Harper decides to do some more copying – this time rather then a John Howard speech, it’s of Dion’s economic 30 day plan that Harper just a couple of weeks ago was describing as Dion “panicking”. So, apparently Dion wasn’t panicking, but Harper decided to say so anyway for partisan political attacks. I’m sure CTV will get right on this contradiction. In a way, it sort of reminds of Trudeau attacking […]

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