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Pictures of some lonely looking Action Plan signs.

I got some pictures sent to me from a fan in Ottawa that you might enjoy.

The first is this:

My fan who sent the photo in informs me this sign is in a lakeside park near the person’s cottage in Eastern Ontario, which happens to be in the riding of Scott Reid,Γ‚ Conservative MP for Lanark-Frontenac. According to this person, 2 summers have passed now with no project; the graffiti/political statement on the sign that you see was apparently wrote on the sign in frustration this past year.

The next set of pictures comes from Ottawa:

According to my snap-shooter, these pictures of the Action Plan […]


What would a Sarah Palin presidency be like?

Scary thought, isn’t it? Here’s a website called Palin As President that puts those thoughts into a visual presentation πŸ™‚ Very well done… and not far off the truth.

(H/T to C.A., a Liberal acquaintance of mine for finding that website).


Back to normalcy, or as close as we can get.

Well, that was fun. Nice to see the positive reaction to my April Fools Day Joke (thanks to Red Tory for needlessly dedicating a post to it) , which I’ve taken a screenshot of for those who missed it. I’ll keep the 2 posts I made for archival humour.

IF you’re wondering, our little thing showing up at Prog Blog that has Harper as our overlord was indeed also a gag that Saskboy (my webmaster over there) and I cooked up – not a hack by some Cons spammers, as some wondered to me in email (even one of my own moderators) and publicly at their own blogsites. Everyone needs […]


A Layton CONspiracy?

Many Liberals suspect that the NDP and Conservatives are in an unholy yet informal alliance to try to totally obliterate the Liberals from the electoral map. Is this picture proof of that?

On the left is Christian Conservative. On the right is.. well.. you don’t really need me to tell you who that is, do you? Christian Con. isn’t even hiding from this picture – he’s actually proudly posting it at his site.

Now, I’m not a conspiracy theory person usually… but I wanna know what was said at this meeting of the minds πŸ˜‰



A tad late

My parent’s got this in the mail (regular mail) from their Oxford County MP, Conservative Dave MacKenzie:

Nothing unusual about constituents receiving a flyer or note at Christmas from their local MP wishing them a Merry Christmas, except that this was received by my folks in their mailbox this morning on January 14, 2008*. It didn’t even get here in time for Orthodox Christmas, let alone traditional Christmas. I have yet to go around to my neighbours to see if they also received the same flyer.

I’m not sure whether this was Canada Post bungling up, or some staffers of Mr. Mackenzie’s in Ottawa or Woodstock didn’t look at […]


US tourism promotional video uses Niagara Falls, Canada.

Anyone who visits Niagara Falls will tell you that the Horseshoe Falls – all of it in Canadian territory – is the most spectacular visually of the Falls there.

The folks at Disney and the Depts. of State and Homeland Security also agree with this assessment, as they’ve decided their falls suck and have decided to use the Canadian one instead in a newly created tourism promotional video for the US:

Making matters worse, a visitor to the U.S. would not even be able to get the same view of the falls in the video because the scene was shot from a vantage point in Canada, according to Paul Gromosiak, […]


How to kill rats naturally.

And now for something completely different. I saw this in a thread over at Bread n’ Roses by Anne Cameron on how to exterminate rats without introducing harmful poison to the environment:

The best use for instant mashed spuds I ever found was RODENTS…I didn’t like to use rat poison because on a farm there are so many other critters could find and eat it but when the rats moved from the chicken shed to the basement…you put down an open container of instant mashed spuds (I used Carnation) and they love the stuff. It has lots of salt in it. They eat and eat and eat and then they […]

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