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A perfect example of a ‘red herring’ provided by the Conservatives

So, my last blogpost observed yesterday one of the levels of government was going to get blamed by the public for the H1N1 vaccine shortage if it continued. I didn’t say who I thought should be blamed; I just said someone was going to be if this situation continued. If you read the headlines and commentators today from various sources, you see that the federal Conservative government seems to be getting a share of the blame for this crisis.

Even as Harper-hating as I am, I’m not quite personally at the stage where I’m ready to condemn them as being at major fault for the situation over H1N1 and […]


Classless Conservatives

A young teenage boy just died of H1N1 in Toronto, and here we have Conservative MP’s (and apparently cabinet ministers – led apparently and not surprisingly by the classless John Baird) laughing and heckling Dr. Carloyn Bennett as she tried to ask a question about H1N1 and the vaccine as it related to pregnant women.

Bennett is right – there isnt anything funny about this – but if you listen to the hecklers, you’d think it was a laugh a minute. I’m sure the parents of Evan Frustaglio find this behaviour disgraceful.

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