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Canadian political thoughts.

Jeff caught this point made by Stephane Dion yesterday at his after-meeting press conference describing his meeting with Harper. It was a very good point he raised; one that our media friends haven’t asked one of Harper’s spokespersons yet – at least not that I’ve seen: What exactly precipitated the rush to an election in one night?

Sunday he called a fourth (by-election) in Don Valley West, and then on Monday he started talking about a general election. I asked him what happened during that night to ask supporters to work a whole summer, to use the taxpayers’ money, for nothing. But I didn’t get an answer.

Jeff speculates it […]


Would Jack snub May?

I wouldn’t put it past him to stand her up, even if it was a charity dinner that May won fair and square. He claims to be the leader of the party that stands up for working families, the common person, a party of progressive values, and the only real opposition to Harper, yet he goes out of his way to shun and attack the other parties with progressive elements in them who are also in opposition to Harper.

Why would he do this? The fact of the matter is: Jack is looking out what’s best for him and the NDP with regards to seats and in particular increasing his […]

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