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More dismal Ontario Liberal stuff, & best of luck to the new G-G

First thing to catch my eye is more stuff to do with Ontario’s premier and the Ontario Liberals.

If it appears I’m dumping on Dalton Mcguinty and his party these past two weeks, he and they have made it rather easy for me to do so. Here are a couple more examples of silliness on his government’s part (or perhaps his communications office’s part) that’s going to bring him grief.

The first example is how he and the Ontario government (mis)handled the “eco-Fee” described in the Toronto Star’s editorial this morning. I’ve no objection with it in principle; in fact, I think the idea itself is defensible – even laudable, […]


Brief thoughts on the next Governor-General

I see here and there that some people are saying that the retiring Speaker of the House of Commons, Peter Miliken, would make a really good governor-general.

They’re probably correct: even though I think he’s been a bit softer then he should have been on enforcing decorum during Question Period, and on some other issues, he has a background in Parliamentary procedure and rules, and probably knows a fair bit about the conventions that the Governor-General needs to follow in their role as Canada’s head of state.

He would also give Harper the chance to show he is not being a partisan in picking the next governor-general….

..which is […]


When wingnuts freep, its time to freep right back.

I got an email from someone who I know who liked my blogpost going after Jeff Watson and his ridiculous assertion that this Henry Morgentaler appointment is all Paul Martin’s fault, and she mentioned that it wouldn’t be a bad idea if people gave the Governor-General’s residence and/or the Supreme Court a call at their 1-888 #’s and leave them a “happy” call. Apparently, the conservative radicals on the right-wing are “freeping” the switchboards of both, due to the governor-general’s decision to award Dr. Henry Morgentaler the Order of Canada. The governor-general being called is obvious, but I guess the Supreme Court is being called so they can lambaste Chief […]

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