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‘This isn’t Canada’

That’s what this York Region police officer tells these folks:

When there’s a G20 Summit in Canada, Canada isn’t Canada anymore, according to this officer. And some people are out there (including some Liberals, I might add) telling me we shouldn’t be worried about losing rights in this country?

(Thanks to fellow blogger Jeff Jedras for spotting this)


A PR tip for Toronto Police and Chief Bill Blair (+ a Facebook group/page promo)

I’m no PR specialist, but trying to justify your tactics on the weekend by displaying confiscated weapons that had nothing to do with the G20 is probably not going to help you win new converts to your propaganda effort.

I’m sure part of that attempted PR ploy has come about in response to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association report on police actions over the weekend, and it slams the conduct of the police:

It is the opinion of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association that police conduct during the G20 summit was, at times, disproportionate, arbitrary and excessive. In our view, despite instances of commendable and professional conduct, the policing and […]


‘Chief Blair’s 5 metre security zone law was so secret, it didn’t exist’

That’s a bit of snark from a Harper parody on Twitter, Pmoharper, that I found amusing, which describes this bit of obfuscation from the Toronto Chief of Police Bill Blair (which is not very amusing at all);

Police admit deliberately misleading public on expanded security fence law

Toronto’s police chief is admitting there never was a five-metre rule that had people fearing arrest if they strayed too close to the G20 security perimeter. ..the Ministry of Community Safety says all the cabinet did was update the law that governs entry to such things as court houses to include specific areas inside the G20 fences — not outside. A ministry spokeswoman […]


The after-reaction to the G20 debacle in Toronto

Well, initial thoughts:

When Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun is critical of police actions on Sunday, you know the police and authorities seriously screwed up. Even the National Post in this column (update – and this column) wasn’t impressed.

Steve Paikin of TVO, who witnessed what he described as excessive force by the police on Saturday night on a peaceful protest, calls what occurred this weekend A Rough Weekend for Democracy.

Here’s another example of the police acting like tough guys against a crowd that did nothing to deserve this – unless they were offended by the crowd singing O Canada:

By the way, where was this bunch […]


A specific example of why I’m lukewarm at best with the Ontario Liberal government.

Many folks know I’m a federal Liberal supporter and have been for a few years. Many people don’t know I’m not a provincial Liberal member. I do vote for them at elections, but only because the choices/alternatives presented to me haven’t been palatable. I am no big cheerleader of Dalton Mcguinty or his style: I find him far too conservative for my liking.

My disdain for the provincial Liberal government is not helped by the news they passed a secret law giving the Toronto police extraordinary powers for the G8/G20 – perhaps even unconstitutional, as I don’t see how this is compatible with the Charter. This is the sort of […]


The G8/G20 waste clock

Want to calculate how much money is being wasted at the G8/G20 by the Conservative government, courtesy of fake lakes, in-the-middle-of-nowhere gazebos, refurbished steamboats that wont be refurbed until after the Summit(s) are over, and “security measures” that aren’t even good enough to keep the floor plans of the hotel where the conference is being held off of the internet? Well, now you can, and help inform others as well:

This handy little tracker comes to you courtesy of the Liberal Party, who I’m pleased to see didn’t send all of their folks away on summer vacation, and who’ve helpfully provided the source code for you to put […]


More international media attention for Canada (for the wrong reasons).

On this particular day, it’s the Economist’s editors who decide to ask the question about what Harper was thinking about when he put together the Billion Dollar Boondoggle known as the G8/G20 Meetings. Rather stern stuff here:

A loonie boondoggle: Ostentation in a time of austerity

…The prime minister has become the butt of jokes for commissioning an artificial lake, complete with mock canoes and recordings of the call of the loon, for the G20 summit’s media centre—which sits just yards from the real Lake Ontario. In Muskoka taxpayers are on the hook for a refurbished steamboat that won’t even float until the summit is over, and new outdoor toilets […]


More G8/G20 waste: Over a million $ for the posters you’ll see.

Greg Weston of Sunmedia has really been on a roll cataloguing all the wasteful spending that’s going on at this G8/G20 summit. His latest reveal: the posters you’ll see in the backdrop of all the photo-op shots cost over a million of your taxpayers bucks:

The latest bit of fiscal fun at public expense is $1,102,500 — wait for it — for backdrops in the two meeting halls hosting the summits. No joke: Foreign Affairs is shelling out over a million bucks for those really big banners and signboards commonly used as backdrops behind speakers’ podiums. These will be used mainly to decorate the meeting halls in Toronto and Muskoka […]


Dumbest excuse put forth to defend Conservative ‘fake lake’?

So far, that honour appears to go to cabinet minister Peter Kent:

Peter Kent, junior foreign affairs minister and former TV anchorman, blamed the media for the fake lake in Toronto, accusing television networks of using make believe backgrounds for their stand ups and interviews. “Every host country provides a media facility and . . . for a less cynical international media this will probably prove to be a benefit,” Kent said.

So it’s the media’s fault for the fake lake? Did they request the government build them a suitable background? Am I missing something here?

On a slightly related topic, a nice slam here from a couple of Toronto […]


What do you do with money saved from funding cuts to women’s groups & arts/culture?

Well, if you’re the Conservative government, you apparently use some of it to build a fake lake for the G8/G20 conference, and giving reporters special edition Blackberries. From Greg Weston:

Canadian and international journalists covering the G8 summit in Muskoka later this month will be able to file their reports from the leisurely comfort of a cottage dock, their feet dangling in the water, surrounded by the stunning sights and sounds of the fabled Ontario resort country three hours north of Toronto. The only catch is they won’t be anywhere near Muskoka. Instead, the federal government is shelling out millions of dollars to re-create cottage country — complete with a […]

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