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Guelph voters: take a good hard look at your Conservative candidate Marty Burke’s views.

I have a rather keen interest in the Guelph riding for this election, because I graduated from the U of G and lived there for a time… not to mention I was helping out a (minuscule) bit in the Liberal nomination race and the by-election-turned general election in 2008, which got Frank Valeriote for the Liberals elected against a candidate whose main strategy was to avoid as much media and general voter contact as possible.

This time around, the Conservatives have nominated a candidate by the name of Marty Burke. Marty was a very prominent letter writer to the Guelph Mercury and Kitchener-Waterloo Record, and it’s where we discover […]


Be careful what you wish for.

I found this today on Youtube from the recent Guelph all-candidates debates. It shows Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote giving an answer to what a candidate would do if in a hypothetical situation his/her leader called and said their particular party no longer existed, what party would they support?

The person who left this at Youtube – an obvious Conservative supporter, and with a name that makes me guess pretty well who it is – used it to assert that Frank was openly advocating the unification of the political left in Canada, and that if that was the case, he didn’t see the reason why there should be a Liberal […]


Liberals out in full force in Guelph.


What do young Liberals in Guelph do on a Saturday afternoon?

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