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Another poll to take at face value

Ipsos-Reid was the only pollster last month that showed the three federal parties in a three way tie and the NDP at the 30% mark. This of course was immediately seized upon by my NDP colleagues – I can’t say I blame them really; though the fact they ignored every other pollster that didn’t show this was a tad amusing.

Anyhow, I quote this month’s poll not because I like its numbers (though I do) or because I like its methodology (it uses internet panels, which I’m about as leery on as I am with IVR that Forum uses), but because it now has started to reflect other polling done […]


A post just for Aaron Lee Wudrick on a new federal poll.

Aaron apparently has decided I’m the only one in the Liberal or progressive blogosphere who needs to report on polls, so to help him out a bit, I’ll point him to Steve’s post which shows a Strategic Council poll released yesterday showing the Tories with only a 34 – 29 lead on the Liberals – nowhere near a majority government – and this despite the Liberals troubles the past month. As Steve says, it’s back to reality for the Conservatives and their supporters like Aaron after all their trolling and gloating over one Ipsos poll showing a 12 point lead – a poll that in my opinion generally gives higher […]

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