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An interesting Showcase Day

I thought I’d take a day to reflect on yesterday’s proceedings. Firstly, the Progressive Bloggers event was a success. A good turnout, with some special appearances by George Takach and Deborah Coyne

Now, onto the Showcase – the actual event. I’ve already detailed the power outlet issue, but what of the actual format itself?

First off – 25 mins per candidate per speech was far too long

Secondly, it was my perception that there was an odd atmosphere at this event. Hard for me to explain other then there wasn’t much excitement in the building, other then the first couple of rows where supporters of said candidate speaking crammed together […]


Hint to LPC: supply power to the tables you accredit bloggers for next time

I’m still at the Prog Blog meetup as I type this; we’ve had a good turnout so far with visits from George Takach (and unexpectedly a visit from Deborah Coyne), but I’m hearing rumblings from the bloggers already there at the LPC Showcase that the LPC has failed to provide any tables down there with power hookups to recharge laptops, etc.

I’d have thought that little detail might not get overlooked, but perhaps they were too concerned over the last month with the attendance numbers to have remembered that minor oversight.

I’m sure the journalists have power to their table/area, right?

This about tells you what you need to know […]


If Garneau is conceding, what of the others?

There were a lot of other LPC leadership contenders I’d have thought would concede the race a lot sooner then Marc Garneau did – those folks who didn’t even have a hope of winning. If Garneau is gone and declared the race over (which I think most everyone was anyhow, other then a couple of wishful thinking columns), then I’m not sure that there’s much benefit to them staying in the race.

Of course, this isn’t exactly great news for the Liberal Party and its Showcase event. There may not be much of an event at this rate… which doesn’t thrill the LPC trying to sell those rather heavily […]


Blogger accreditation for the LPC Showcase is confirmed (& I’m confirmed going).

I had an email from the Liberal Party of Canada arrive in my mailbox today to those “independent bloggers” who expressed interested in covering the event. Basically, it confirmed that’s happening, and to send in our blog name/organization so they could view it and see if we’re “legitimate”.

I’ve done so, and I’m one of those accredited and going to observe the Showcase. BigCityLib is another. I’m sure others will follow.. though I’m not sure how many they’ll be confirming.

My understanding also is.. for those who have not yet applied for accreditation or expressed initial interest, you can still do so. Deadline for that is April 1.



Bloggers will be accredited for the April 6 Federal Liberal Showcase in Toronto

I’ve been told that by a good source -in his words:

I’m told bloggers can use the media inquiry page to register for the showcase (Ed Note: the April 6 Event at the Metro Toronto Convention Center) event, and language about bloggers should be up shortly…No cost, you’re registering as media. I don’t know how many, etc. Sarah Bain’s info is in the form;I’d suggest her as the for more info..

The media accreditation form of which he refers to is at this link:

I’ve already sent in my application, plus an inquiry on when the last day to register for accreditation is, whether or not they intend to […]

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