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Turnabout is fair play on Harper’s statement

Let me just turn the statement around that Stephen Harper made about all those left-wing ideologue judges we apparently have in Canada today, and how the Liberals would put more “left-wing ideologues” in place if they were in government.

Imagine how many right-wing ideologues Stephen Harper would be putting in the courts, federal institutions, agencies, the Senate, if he were to get that majority government he was literally begging his party supporters in Sault Ste. Marie last week to help him achieve. I should say, how many more would he be putting in? The new appointment to the Federal Court of Appeal of former Mulroney Cabinet Minister Pierre Blais is […]


1 part fundraising move, 1 part ideology = Harper’s stance on Omar Khadr (& other matters)

There’s a column in the Star today from Professor Errol Mendes, who teaches constitutional and international law at the University of Ottawa, on the background of the Omar Khadr case as it has wound through the Canadian courts. There is also an observation or 2 from Professor Mendes about Stephen Harper being offside with the court decisions, and he lists a reason about why he thinks Harper continues to oppose asking for repatriation, and why he potentially will appeal the latest 2-1 Federal Appeals Court ruling against him ordering him to ask for Omar Khadr’s repatriation to the Supreme Court of Canada:

The rulings by the Canadian Supreme Court in […]

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