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Guarded Optimism

Well, my grandfather’s surgery got moved up and he was operated on last evening. The surgery in itself was a success, but how he reacts when he is not sedated will be the big question.

As for my little shift with him, it was an interesting experience, with fortunately not a lot of agitation from him when I was there. I have nothing but admiration for the Personal Support Workers who do this for a living on a daily basis, because I found the experience to be physically and emotionally tiring, even when he was pretty good on the whole for the 6 1/2 hrs I was there.


A light day for politics talk – family matters intervene

I probably won’t be discussing much politics today, because I’ll be visiting and/or keeping an eye on my grandfather most of the day. He’s in getting ready for surgery on his prostate tomorrow, and the family feels that with his Alzheimer’s, it’s for the best we keep him under 24/7 watch, and we’re using a combo of family members and personal support workers to do that. I have my shift to watch him today in the early morning (8:30am – 3 pm), part of the day with my cousin, part of it on my own, to talk to him, keep him occupied, and make sure nothing bad happens (or if […]

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