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Polls on Liberal (would-be) contenders and NDP leads.

You might have seen a poll out in the past couple of days from Forum Research stating that if Justin Trudeau became Liberal Party leader, he’d receive 39% of the vote, Stephen Harper’s CPC getting 32% and the NDP reverting back to their long held 3rd party status with 20%. You might have also seen an Environics poll out as well that showed the NDP in the national lead with 35%, CPC at 31%, and the Liberals with the 20% that they’ve held basically since Election Day in 2011.

In both instances, they are interesting snapshots of the Canadian public, but in both cases, we’re a little under 3 years […]


Canadians will pay higher taxes if shown its benefiting them.

Hard-right conservatives will not like the findings of this poll:

Fully 64 per cent, including a majority of Conservatives and wealthy people, say they are willing to shell out a bit more in taxes to protect social programs such as health care, pensions and access to higher education, all of which help reduce income inequality. Less surprisingly, there’s even more support — 83 per cent — for raising taxes on the wealthiest. These findings by Environics Research for the newly created, progressive Broadbent Institute confirm that the public is genuinely concerned about the growing rich/poor gap.

Some may say: well, the poll is sponsored by the Broadbent Institute; the left’s […]


Maybe the Conservatives picked the wrong party/leader to attack with ads

A new poll is out – released last night from Environics. According to their numbers, the NDP is tied with the Conservatives for popular support:

The survey by Environics Research Group provided to The Globe and Mail has the two parties at 30 per cent support among voters. That’s about the same percentage of the popular vote that the NDP earned in the May 2 general election. For the Conservatives, it represents a drop of 10 points.….The Liberals are in third place with 20-per-cent support, up one point from election day.

The reason for this drop in Conservative support? You might automatically think Robo-con, but the pollster lists a […]


Environics poll shows political horserace. CPC 35, LPC 32, NDP 15

It’s a lot closer then other polls released recently currently have shown, so don’t be surprised if the wise pundits on the Hill and elsewhere across the land either ignore it or dismiss it – because it doesn’t fit their narrative of the Liberals sinking away and Ignatieff in trouble. It may very well be a “rogue” poll, but if an Ekos poll shows a sudden plunge in Liberal support – one that even the Conservative Party doubted, but still set the media on an Iggy deathwatch – then an Environics poll showing a virtual tie should also be discussed at face value by the media.


Environics Poll shows Liberals in national lead

I saw the folks over at CAITI Online post about an Environics poll:

Our Environics poll taken Feb 4 – 9 that was based on 1,000 random telephone calls indicates .. Canadians .. if an election were held today would vote:

Libs 28% Cons 25% NDP 10% Green 7% BQ 6% Abstain 5% Don’t know 17%

Accurate to within +/- 3.1%, 19 out of 20 times

I contacted the folks over at CAITI Online asking for a link to this poll’s raw data, since I didn’t see it at the Environics website. The CAITI folks have been kind enough to send me a table and more information on this poll, […]

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