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What happens after Monday.

So we’ve received word through a Liberal Party news release that Stephane Dion is holding a press conference on Monday at 2 pm. In all likelihood, it means that Dion will announce his resignation and that a new leader will be picked in May, which was going to be the leadership review.

I’m going to pick up a bit from my one post where I speculated “what the Liberals should do if Dion leaves as leader”, and say if that is the scenario that plays out on Monday, whether Dion remains the interim leader or someone else is picked, we had better not see the Liberals fold like a cheap […]


My take on the Dion leadership question, and the LPC.

It’s been quite a reaction today amongst Liberal bloggers. Most of them are reacting in fury at Joe Volpe going on CTV – and of all places Mike Duffy’s show – and basically saying Dion should leave. I’ll say this for Joe Volpe – despite my distaste for him being as great as anyone else who has commented today, at least he had the gumption to come out and say what he felt publicly.

The backstabbing and murmurs from more “anonymous Liberals” about trying to get Dion to quit or to force him out is appalling and cowardly, and it has spurred quite a netroots reaction amongst Liberal rank and […]


Ever read something where you think to yourself, “well said”?

I have two instances of that today for me. First, the much discussed speech of Stephane Dion’s at the Empire Club in Toronto yesterday which left many observers impressed. Best line of that speech, other then the “why I entered politics” part which caught a lot of people’s attention, is this one:

“History shows us that in tough economic times, it is progressive governments that put economies back on track. Clinton after Reagan and Bush. Blair after Thatcher and Major. Chretien and Martin after Mulroney. And, of course, McGuinty after Harris.”

The runner-up to that today is a conversation I actually caught at Facebook from bloggers Devin Johnston and Kelly […]


Liberal Ad #2 Released today – Liberal Leadership

Well, straight on the heels of the prior post talking about the newest Liberal ad, I noticed the Liberals had released a 2nd ad today and so here it is:

You might remember this ad from somewhere else. This was released a couple of years ago after the initial Conservative attack ads on Dion after he won the leadership. The Liberals have decided to re-release this to emphasize what they feel is “real leadership” – which in this case is real results on the world stage to do with the environment. It’s not a bad idea to remind people of this either.



Liberals promise to ban military assault weapons if elected.

I haven’t seen this yet in the media in my quick scan of headlines (though I expect it will be soon) but I saw this press release from the Liberals that should resonate in many urban centres across Canada. The Liberals will ban military assault weapons and add them to the prohibited weapons list if elected, which was very appropriately announced by Dion at Dawson College, the scene of a tragic shooting of a young girl in 2006:

Mr. Dion at an event at Dawson College (said) “Military assault weapons have no connection to hunting or sport shooting, and serve absolutely no purpose in our society. No one outside of […]


Monday morning political bits ‘n bytes

– I like the new Liberal ad talking about the Green Shift. It explains the policy very well, but I like it more so because Harper was sniffing at his press conference yesterday morning while announcing the election the Liberals were going to probably attack him and “go negative” to avoid talking about the Green Shift because the Liberals were too scared to talk about it. Bingo! First election ad out talks about the Green Shift (which Dion has been talking about all summer long, but Harper already knew that. He was just being his usual disingenuous self).

– Speaking of being scared, for someone who is bragging about showing […]


The Survivor.

Great speech by Dion to start off the election campaign:

As Dion says, he relishes being the underdog and underestimated, and I agree that in Dion’s case, that’s a good position to be in. He has prevailed against the Quebec separatists that way, as well as in winning the Liberal leadership, when he was discounted and ignored, until it was too late. In the Conservatives case, you also see spades of arrogance and overconfidence in them and their online supporters.

Let them keep that up. As the old saying goes, pride always goeth before a fall.

Update @ 6:02 pm: Part 2 of the Press Conference below:



Pointing out Conservative failures in Liberal speeches and ads is not going “negative”

I know there’s been some debate going on as to whether the Liberals should be going negative and if so, what type of “negative” we should be doing. I for one, think that the Liberals are doing the right campaign tactics when they are very tough on the Conservatives on such issues as the listeriosis outbreak:

The Liberals launched their first attack of the onrushing election campaign by accusing the Harper government of undermining food safety in the same way the Mike Harris Tories weakened water safety in Walkerton, Ont., a decade ago…Those of us from Ontario – and those across the country – remember Walkerton,” said Toronto MP Carolyn […]


Dion listened to farmers concerns about Green Shift; snags big endorsement/candidate as a result.

I’ve been seeing where some of the Conservatives and others have been attacking Dion for – get this – actually listening to some of the concerns being listed to him by certain economic sectors (farmers, fishermen, the trucking and forestry industry) and announcing a modification to The Green Shift plan to help alleviate those concerns that their industries would suffer as a result.

That ability to listen and to be flexible to those concerns has yielded positive results today in Winnipeg where the Liberal caucus has gathered. Bob Friesen, who is the President of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture -apparently likes the new plans to help the farming sector out […]


Canadian political thoughts.

Jeff caught this point made by Stephane Dion yesterday at his after-meeting press conference describing his meeting with Harper. It was a very good point he raised; one that our media friends haven’t asked one of Harper’s spokespersons yet – at least not that I’ve seen: What exactly precipitated the rush to an election in one night?

Sunday he called a fourth (by-election) in Don Valley West, and then on Monday he started talking about a general election. I asked him what happened during that night to ask supporters to work a whole summer, to use the taxpayers’ money, for nothing. But I didn’t get an answer.

Jeff speculates it […]

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