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A lot of concern suddenly about Census intrusiveness where there was none.

The Census is your hot political topic for the summer – right up there with the F-35 fighter jet purchase. Who’da thunk? Certainly not the Harper government, I’d expect, who have now shifted gears (with ex-Cabinet minister Maxime Bernier apparently and suddenly given the lead starring role/spokesperson of this dumb move, in place of Tony Clement, who hasn’t exactly been stellar or persuasive with his arguments, if they can be called that). They now want to recall the House of Commons committee that looks into issues like the Census, so they can explain to Canadians how tyrannical the longform Census has been in mandatory form the past 30 years, and […]


Dimitri Soudas resignation watch?

What a bunch of boneheads; both the PM for again using the international stage to criticize and try to smear a leader of the Official Opposition party (and question whether he’s Canadian, no less) and for his press secretary Dimitri Soudas for getting the supposed Ignatieff quote wrong in the first place:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has apologized to Michael Ignatieff for questioning the Liberal Leader’s support for Canadian international interests, saying he based his attack on a quote Mr. Ignatieff never uttered…During the news conference, Mr. Harper attacked Mr. Ignatieff, saying he was irresponsible for comments he allegedly made about Canada’s position within the Group of Eight industrial nations. […]

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