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Afghani detainee transfers resumed – will lawsuit restart?

I don’t doubt this might slip under the radar a bit today with the Chuck Cadman bribery affair ongoing, but I noticed that in a short blurb this morning the Canadian military has announced it has re-started transfers of Afghani detainees to the Afghanistan government, because they claim things have improved:

The military says since the transfers stopped, one senior Afghan official has been fired and millions of dollars worth of improvements have been made to detention facilities.

Wow, one whole firing and some equipment ugrades at Afghani prisons. Colour me skeptical that those reasons listed have somehow dramatically improved the situation. Here’s the other kicker: the military won’t […]


The Afghanis can’t help it if they abuse people…

That would seem to be the summary of this article posted by Rosie Dimanno at the Star today – I guess her point is that they are a different “culture” over there (people living in the 12th century) and therefore we shouldn’t try imposing our values on them – proving that there is at least 1 neocon on the Star’s op-ed staff over there.

She’s also willing to take the word of the Kandahar Governor that he didn’t torture over the prisoner who in her words was “pouring bile into the ears of Canadian diplomats.” She apparently failed to read the story in the Globe and Mail about this, which […]

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