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More women MPP’s in Ontario; will there be more women MP’s after next federal election?

One of the things I was interested in highlighting today was comparing and contrasting post-Ontario election the number of women that are now active MPP’s in the new Ontario legislature, as there have been many discussions in recent years about the lack of female representatives running or being elected to the political halls of power, and what can be done to increase that.

Specifically, the Ontario Liberal Party has elected nine new Liberal women MPP’s, and has the most elected women MPP’s in caucus. Overall in the legislature, the combined three parties have elected 38 women MPP’s representing 35.5% of the Ontario legislature – the most women ever to sit […]


Deborah Coyne is the 1st to answer 6 questions.

A couple of weeks back, as I did with the OLP candidates, I submitted a series of questions (6 of them) to the LPC leadership candidates, making it clear that answers would be posted to this blog, and by extension of being on the various aggregates, as well as active on Twitter and Facebook, all over the internet and the social media world in general. A couple of these were even suggested by some LPC members, when I solicited for what type of common questions they wanted the candidates to be asked. Some were rather provocative, and I included them, if only to see what we got for replies. The […]

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