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A small bit of advice for Stephen Harper

If you’re going to send a spokesperson out to the media and talkshows to defend/obfuscate against robocalls and whether or not your party engaged in voter suppression, I’d suggest Dean Del Maestro isn’t the guy to keep sending out there. He’s an accident that’s happening (the Liberals were calling their own voters and harassing them? Really?).

P.S. – Don’t replace him with Maurice Vellacott either. He’s not any better for your cause.


The Dean of Peterborough

My reaction to Dean Del Maestro’s criticism of Justin Trudeau as being a “bad Catholic” isn’t going to be as ticked off as some – maybe because I’m not a Catholic. I’m more amused that Del Maestro has appointed himself as the Pope’s personal morality representative here in Canada on behalf of the Conservative government; conservative Christians do tend to be very judgmental of others – even fellow Christians – if they feel they don”t share their strict interpretation of Christianity. We’re all apostates in their view.

All I’ll say to Mr. Del Maestro is share a quote from the Bible he should be well aware of: “Let he who […]


Add another Conservative excuse for prorogation not going over well.

The Peterborough Conservative MP Dean Del Maestro decides it’s his turn to try and explain prorogation. First he pulls out the already tried “it’s been used so many times before!” excuse, before finally settling on “it’s the media’s fault for covering this!” excuse.

Here’s hoping the voters of Peterborough helps Dean get a long rest after next election. Perhaps if CAPP decides to go with a strategy to target certain Conservative MP’s to aid in their defeat, I’m hoping Dean will be at the top of their list.

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