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Another poll shows overwhelming support for Colvin; majority want public inquiry.

Hat tip to Steve V over at Far and Wide for seeing this poll, taken on November 24/25:

49% find Richard Colvin’s testimony credible; 10% side with federal government ministers.

As Steve said, that’s a ratio of 5-1 of people polled who believe Colvin’s testimony over the government’s official version of “no credible evidence”. That’s even higher then the 2-1 margin from the initial poll taken a few days ago on Canadians impressions of Colvin’s testimony.

We also see in the same polling that a majority of people want a public inquiry:

A majority of respondents (53%) support launching a public inquiry on what the government and the Canadian Forces […]


Think you’ve seen this movie before? You have indeed.

It seemed like the Conservatives were in a big rush to get current Canadian ambassador to China – and formerly Richard Colvin’s boss – David Mulroney back to testify to try and refute Colvin’s claims that his reports on torture in Afghanistan were ignored or even discouraged – with Colvin mentioning Mulroney’s name as one of those who had done the ignoring/discouraging. They were in such a rush that they got him a plane ticket to appear before he was even formally invited by the Afghanistan committee.

The opposition parties aren’t going to allow that until the Harper government turns over relevant government documents on the Afghan torture file […]

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