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The debate, the Conservative platform (?), and an online Townhall on energy prices.

– Tonight at 8pm, Dan McTeague will be hosting a townhall meeting on energy prices. The location is here at a web 2.0 enabled site. Dan will be streaming live on an internet video feed. This is probably the first time a politician in Canada has done something like this. They are taking questions at, and welcome all enquiries.

– Best quip of the English language debate last night: Elizabeth May quietly saying “Where is it?” when Harper urged people to study the Conservatives platform. A close second was when Dion said he knew he has a very strong French accent, but that he knows he speaks the […]


Asking Harper to Be Honest

Well, a new website brought to my attention this evening – run by Toronto-area Liberal MP Dan McTeague, who you might know for seemingly having the inside scoop on when gas prices are going to rise or fall, and by how much. The site is called, which appears to be a vlog. A little snippet of what you’ll find there:

Basically, a video blog that focuses on several different issues and calling the Conservatives to be honest on those issues.


Monday morning political bits ‘n bytes

– I like the new Liberal ad talking about the Green Shift. It explains the policy very well, but I like it more so because Harper was sniffing at his press conference yesterday morning while announcing the election the Liberals were going to probably attack him and “go negative” to avoid talking about the Green Shift because the Liberals were too scared to talk about it. Bingo! First election ad out talks about the Green Shift (which Dion has been talking about all summer long, but Harper already knew that. He was just being his usual disingenuous self).

– Speaking of being scared, for someone who is bragging about showing […]

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