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Quebec court makes Vic Toews very mad.

As you might have read, a Quebec Superior Court ruled that Ottawa must hand over gun registry data pertaining to Quebec over to the province, so it can help start up its own provincial gun registry:

In his decision, considered a victory for Quebec, Judge Marc-André Blanchard said the registry was created in a collaboration between governments and that Ottawa can’t destroy the data on its own. “There is a complex web between the federal, provincial and municipal authorities that wove the firearms registry, which means that it could not have existed without the close and constant co-operation of everyone,” Blanchard wrote.

You can be assured the Conservative government will […]


We’ve seen this movie before..

A day or so ago, Harper came out at the Mayor of Toronto’s private picnic calling for a defeat of the Ontario Liberal government, which was published on Youtube. Some folks are a bit perturbed at Harper’s intervention into provincial politics, but it’s not like he hasn’t done it before. He issued the same call 4 years ago in a more public show of support for then PC leader John Tory, so his partisanship isn’t exactly (or shouldn’t be) surprising. I’d have been shocked if he hadn’t, quite frankly.

I’m more surprised the Youtube video was quickly taken down (still is down the last I had looked earlier this AM). […]


Weekend thoughts

The Liberal delegates have (unfortunately in my view) voted to extend the wait back to 2013 before choosing a new Liberal leader. I’ve already gone over my objection to that, but it seems from what I was hearing that the LPC brought out the party leaders heavy artillery and urged acceptance of their motion, rather then accept either the 6 month requirement or a middle of the road option as my friend Jeff was putting forward. The LPC brass got their way, it seems. I’d have thought since 2006 that some of our party would learn that the Party bosses and leaders don’t always know best. PERHAPS they will get […]


Killing the Senate requires the Constitution to be opened as well

My Premier, Dalton Mcguinty, has been long on the record that he is for killing the Senate, rather then reforming it, and he reinforced that with another statement to that effect in response to Harper’s proposed Senate reforms. He is joined in that belief by the Nova Scotia Premier, and both of them are in agreement with the federal NDP, who have long advocated that position.

The problem of course with calling for the abolition of the Senate is the same potential roadblock that faces changing the Senate to an elected body (notwithstanding Harper’s attempts to sidestep it, and Quebec appears ready to take the Feds to court once […]


More dismal Ontario Liberal stuff, & best of luck to the new G-G

First thing to catch my eye is more stuff to do with Ontario’s premier and the Ontario Liberals.

If it appears I’m dumping on Dalton Mcguinty and his party these past two weeks, he and they have made it rather easy for me to do so. Here are a couple more examples of silliness on his government’s part (or perhaps his communications office’s part) that’s going to bring him grief.

The first example is how he and the Ontario government (mis)handled the “eco-Fee” described in the Toronto Star’s editorial this morning. I’ve no objection with it in principle; in fact, I think the idea itself is defensible – even laudable, […]


Dear Premier McGuinty..

…would you and Natural Resources Minister Donna Cansfield please stop ignoring your own government advisory council’s report on how to preserve Northern Ontario for all the interested parties concerned (environmentalists, business, First Nations) and implement it? Otherwise, what should have been a slam dunk feel-good story for your government is going to give you rather ugly publicity in a hurry (plus following the report is the right thing to do).

Signed: a slightly agnostic Ontario provincial Liberal supporter (but in no hurry to become a member, when I see stuff like this).


The Ontario Government needs to have rebates for all green cars, not just one brand.

I’m going to have to take issue with Premier Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario government for seeming to favour one car company over all others, where it comes to this new rebate to buy “green cars”. I’m pleased that McGuinty is doing this rebate, but he needs to do it for all companies and all brands of green cars, and not trying to favour one type of green car and one specific car company. This is what the government of Ontario seems to be doing, as this Toronto Star editorial points out:

Why, for instance, is the rebate just for electric cars that are recharged by plugging them into an […]


A good start.

As a liberal with a social progressive bent, I get very happy when I see governments fight very important social issues that often have been overlooked – and Ontario appears about set to do that by announcing a new dental plan for the poor in our society:

McGuinty is giving his anti-poverty initiative teeth with a $45 million dental care plan for the working poor… The new dental program…will help about 500,000 low-income workers unable to afford private insurance coverage for their teeth. It will cover preventive care, including fluoride treatments and cleanings by dental hygienists, and fillings and extractions by dentists.

That’s not all there is though: the Liberal […]


There sure are a lot of “small persons” in Confederation, all of a sudden.

The title of course is referring to the comment that Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan made about Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty when the Premier protested about the unfairness of Albertan and BC getting seat redistribution that would accurately reflect representation by population for them, while Ontario got shortchanged of seats.

I have said prior that this was nothing more then a gerrymandering exercise to get more seats in provinces that the Cons have a better shot of winning then in urban Ontario, and it appears via Impolitical, the Premier of Quebec and the Premier of Manitoba agree with Dalton’s position on this.

I am willing to bet you won’t […]


It’s a start.

A H/T to Jim Calder of the Progressive Right for finding this story; John Tory on the picking of list candidates in the National Post:

The Conservative leader went on to say that if the referendum passes, his party will likely find a democratic way to develop its list of candidates. “The history of our party is that the party insists on choosing its candidates democratically. Even the notion that the leader would appoint candidates is something that has been not well received when it’s come up.”

Its not an iron-clad commitment to pick democratically, but I applaud Mr. Tory for saying this much; its much better then what […]

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