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What’s scared Harper into suddenly wanting an election?

Let’s recap how sudden a change this has been from Harper the last couple of weeks. Danielle Takacs had a blogpost on this, and she recalls the timeline:

So on August 13th he’s taunting Dion saying he doesn’t have the guts to bring him down – basically daring him to do so. Then Harper calls a by-election he didn’t need to in Don Valley West for September 22nd…Then just days later when absolutely nothing has changed, and after being so sure there would be no fall election, Harper decides to throw up his hands and say “Parliament is dysfunctional!” This is when he knows full well nothing has changed and […]


The Cons. back down; claim no political interference will happen with independent agencies.

Well, there was a bit of an uproar after Sheila Fraser, the Auditor-General, casually remarked in committee hearings yesterday that she had no intention of vetting her communications through the Privy Council Office. That led to this news story in the Star, and which led to a few bloggers and media types expressing justified shock at this. This was another example of more control freak tendencies of Harper going to the extreme.

Today, the Conservative government in Question Period, probably sensing the can of worms that had been opened, attempted to put the lid back on:

Government House Leader Peter Van Loan moved quickly during Question Period Thursday to shut […]

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