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Obama is now “the presumptive Democratic nominee”

…whether Hillary Clinton and her supporters (see her chairman Terry McAuliffe as an extreme example) are willing to admit it or not. Tonight’s 2 primaries plus a flood of superdelegates have ensured that. Here is his victory speech:

I do believe Hillary will concede in the next few days. I can’t believe she would continue fighting on and risk splitting her own party with Obama having clinched the nomination. Tonight’s speech by her was about bravado and not bringing her own supporters down (MSNBC was reporting that the room Hillary in didn’t have working cellphone, tv or laptop access so that none of her supporters knew that Obama had […]


Some reality for Clinton and her supporters

Delegates: Pledged Super Total Needed Obama 1,660.5 315.5 1,976 49 Clinton 1,499.5 279.5 1,779 246 Remaining 86 201 287 (2,025 delegates needed for victory. Totals updated as of May 25, 11:13 pm)

I know there are still Clinton supporters, even up here, that are still claiming Clinton still has a shot at winning, or even claiming that the remaining Democratic super delegates may yet still change their mind, but the numbers don’t lie. Clinton’s run is nearing an end. When the last contests end, Obama will be tantalizingly within reach of the magic number. Anyone who thinks the remaining supers are going to suddenly move to Hillary, particularly with […]

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