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How 2 cold winters in Eastern North America doesn’t disprove climate change/global warming.

When it gets as cold as it has this winter (and last), you often see message boards yelling, “How about that global warming!” … as if these winters prove to those who are climate change skeptics (or climate change deniers, as I call them) that global warming or climate change is just one big government conspiracy theory to drive everyone’s taxes up and prevent people from getting rich(er) and insert government interference into everyone’s lives.

I saw a great counterpost to that from a poster on the popular Weather Underground weather site, explaining to a climate change denier why the current cold trend in the Eastern North America does not […]


In other news, Colby Cosh is back.

More on the Afghanistan inquiry soon, but in case you missed it, Colby “I think global warming is overblown” Cosh, recently let go by the departed from the National Post, has found employment at Macleans. You can guess what he’s writing about – he’s picked up where he left off by spewing the same nonsense on climate change that he was spewing at the NP.

It’s no surprise he’d try to claim that all these hacked emails somehow discredit global warming and climate change, but as other more credible people on this file show, they clearly don’t do that. Colby is just blowing hot air here.

UPDATE – 12:03 pm […]


More examples/evidence of climate change in North America, & why policies like “Green Shift” need to be implemented.

The very term “global warming” is unfortunately used by some sceptics to falsely deny that anything environmentally bad is happening on Earth nowadays; in their minds, if a region of Canada gets record snowfall, or if China gets record cold, that automatically debunks the theory, because that surely shows it isn’t getting warmer. What the reality of the situation is that the overwhelming scientific consensus worldwide is that “global warming” will lead to climate change, which will lead to an increase in extremes and unpredictability of weather conditions.

You can see those extremes just south of the border. Everyone knows about the extreme flooding in the US Midwest – […]

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