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Harper’s audio expert: Cadman Tape NOT altered.

Remember Harper’s claim that the Cadman tape was altered – presumably by the author who taped it, Tom Zytaruk? Well, Harper was full of it, and guess what?

His own expert he hired to prove that it was altered is the one who said this!

A tape recording at the centre of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s $3.5-million defamation suit against the Liberal party was not altered as the prime minister has claimed, a court-ordered analysis of the tape by Harper’s own audio expert has found…former FBI agent Bruce Koenig, the sound expert Harper hired to prove his allegations, submitted a report dated Friday to Harper’s lawyer, which also had […]


Want a break from in-and-out talk? Try

Check this new site out; it reminds us that the Conservatives are involved in more then one scandal at the moment.


How not to kill an alleged bribery scandal…

The Cons. latest tactic in trying to kill the Chuck Cadman alleged bribery scandal they find themselves immersed in is now to threaten to sue Dion, Ignatieff and Ralph Goodale by claiming they libelled Harper over said alleged scandal. Apparently, they aren’t suing them over anything to do with what they said outside the House and outside the bounds of Parliamentary immunity, but for a statement on the website that is also normally legally protected as it uses and refers to statements made in QP, but they claim is somehow not – Kady O’Malley tries to explain further:

…if I’m reading this notice correctly, the prime minister — through […]


Semi-Open Chuck Cadman Thread: Check out CPAC at 8pm

Very quickly, via Kady O’Malley’s blog at Macleans, she says she’ll be on Goldhawk Live at 8p – 9pm Eastern Time, along with Chuck Cadman’s daughter Jodi, Canadian Press reporter Bruce Cheadle and Tom Zytaruk, the author of the book which caused all the furor.

The live feed for that is here, so if anyone wants to do sorta live-blogging, go ahead (You can also call into the show).

[email protected]:06PM: My initial reaction: Both Jodi Cadman and the author of the book sound very credible. A few of the Conservative sock-puppets called in and were throwing out every Conservative talking point heard in the media and on the blogs (sorta […]


New Cons. talking point: Cadman was delusional from his drug medication.

These folks are really getting desperate to find some way to refute the story over the million dollar insurance offer from the Cons, to Chuck Cadman so as to vote for them; the same one that 3 different members of his family were told individually by Chuck did happen. On the other hand, when you have talking heads like Mike Duffy willing to regurgitate it when questioning Chuck’s daughter, I guess the theme is to throw whatever talking point and mud out there that you can and hope that something sticks sticks (not that Duffy is very good at being sensitive to matters like this; remember when he went and […]


Next Conservative claim: The Whole Cadman family are liars!

Guess what? Now we have Cadman’s son-in-law saying he was also told by Cadman about the life insurance overture by the Conservatives to Cadman in exchange for his vote:

Well it’s not really what I think, it’s pretty much what I know. I could speculate about a whole bunch of things but I’m not going to do that but I can tell you that according to Chuck when he did get back from Ottawa he did specifically tell me this offer was made.” That is Holland Miller, Cadman’s son-in-law who says the offer specifically was for a life insurance policy, even though Cadman was seriously sick with cancer. “Yes, that’s […]

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