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Hoping for a change of government in BC

This is a post that some (but not all) of my BC Liberal acquaintances may not like, but as the BC Election draws near and the polls tighten, I’ll say without apology that to me, it would not be a bad thing if the provincial BC Liberal Party gets dumped out of office and the NDP led by Adrian Dix takes over the reins of power.

I’ve made it rather publicly known that I consider the BC Liberals LINO’s (Liberals In Name Only) who should be returning the name “Liberal” back to us as the party stands in its current form. Any party that counts Stockwell Day as one of […]


There is no BC Liberal Party..

…there is apparently just a party pretending to be Conservative-lite using that particular name.

Faced with continuing dreadful poll numbers, BC Premier Christy Clark has decided to postpone the Fall Sitting of the legislature and won’t recall it till probably February 2013. That means the legislature will not have sat for 9 months by the time it gets recalled.

Apparently, Premier Clark has decided that if the Federal Conservative Party can get a minor poll boost from not having Parliament sit in session.. 9 months ought to do her party the trick.

I’m not sure what has happened to the BC Liberal Party, but it is not a Liberal Party […]


Will new BC Liberal leader Christy Clark live up to the party’s name?

I’ve often been critical of the provincial BC Liberal Party/Government as being LINO’s – Liberals In Name Only. They have often appeared to exhibit more of the conservative strain they acquired when the old Social Credit party members joined up with them. Gordon Campbell was as “blue” as a Liberal could be, without actually calling himself a Conservative.

Now the BC Liberals have elected Christy Clark as their new leader (and by being in government, the Premier). One can look around at some prominent Liberal bloggers (many who I consider to be rather progressive in outlook federally) and see they publicly and actively supported her bid. Does that mean Christy […]

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