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Dear Cheryl Gallant

You forgot to explain to your constituents in your overly demagogic newsletter how you can justify killing over 30+ of your government’s bills – many I might add, that your government slammed the opposition parties and Senate over for not passing as quickly as you thought they should; particularly the “law and order” bills your government deemed so crucial and important to get passed. They weren’t crucial and important enough, apparently; shutting down Parliament to stall further Afghan detainee questions on the Parliamentary committee you happen to sit on was, however.

I know your riding isn’t exactly full of progressives, since you still manage to get elected there despite being […]


A new candidate steps up for most demagogic Conservative MP.

There are many candidates for this title; Pierre Poilievre, Vic Toews, Jason Kenney come to mind.

Courtesy of Kady O”Malley’s liveblogging, where even she sounded a bit taken aback at the following quotation, Cheryl Gallant has just made herself a player in that competition with this lamentable entry during the MP’s debate over the NDP motion calling on the Conservatives to hold a public inquiry into the Afghan detainees issue:

…it turns out that the last speaker today will be — Cheryl Gallant, who begins by stating that she was told by a Canadian soldier that every time the Afghanistan mission is debated in Canada, more soldiers die; according to […]

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