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Sunmedia’s business model – attack the CBC

A brief observation: Wherever I turn, whether it be Ezra Levant’s raving on in the Sun tabloids, or Brian Lilley on SunTv, or even David Akin on Twitter questioning CBC policy or standards (which I find amusing by the way – since it’s David’s news organization who withdrew from the Ontario Press Council so that any minimum outside supervision of how it conducts its activities would be removed. No nasty oversight for them on press ethics or practices, but let’s bash others for theirs – talk about holier then thou), it’s become clear that the raison d’etre for SunMedia is to attack the CBC – for anything remotely trivial.

They […]


Apparently, CBC doesn’t think it needs to change anything re: iCopyright

I just got a heads-up from Cameron McMaster on this blogpost over at CBC’s public affairs blog, regarding the furore a few weeks back over their use of the company iCopyright to try and make money off of people who want to quote full articles or post them at their site in full.

I’ve seen reassurances from CBC before that nothing has really changed in their policy, but what annoys me to no end (which I didn’t catch before in any of their communications) is that they want folks to write into them to get permission to quote excerpts before they use them at their own blogposts/websites etc. As […]


Capital News Online does story on CBC/iCopyright; I do a minor contribution for them.

Capital News Online is an online news magazine run by students in the Journalism program at Carleton University in Ottawa. They’ve recently done a story on the recent furore with CBC and it’s decision to use iCopyright to try and license the use of its news articles.

The contradictions of that policy and the online reaction to it is well documented in the piece; but if you click on the multimedia section of that story, you’ll get to hear my brief take on it. I apparently caught their attention with my recent opinion blogposts on here regarding that topic, and was asked if I’d participate in their story by answering […]


Maybe this CBC iCopyright thing isn’t so bad after all…

One of my commentators in the comments section of my blogpost (who runs Progressive Blogger affiliate Views From the Lake) condemning the CBC’s new licensing scheme with American copyright “protectors” iCopyright has come up with another angle on this business:

I think it’s a great business opportunity. I plan on heavy trolling of the Blogging Tories looking for breaches to report to iCopyright. A million bucks is a million bucks!

This is a very good point. He’s referring to the Boing-Boing article which states that “iCopyright offers a reward of up to $1,000,000 for snitching on bloggers who don’t pay Danegeld to Canada’s public broadcaster to quote the works they […]


Ridiculous copyright licensing – no thanks CBC

I’ve noticed recently at the CBC website that at their news section, they have fine print at the bottom of their articles stating that “new copyright licensing is in effect”. When you click on that, it takes you to a 3rd party group called iCopyright, which then offers a sign-up fee so you can either quote the whole article, or else keep the article on your blog/website etc for a year. Nothing is said about only quoting part of an article however. If you click on the fine print of iCopyright, they warn you of the danger of piracy and so on and so forth.

Now, the popular technology […]


Want your 15 seconds of fame on CBC?

You can do so by being the person with the winning name entry for a segment of the new CBC Power and Politics Show:

If you are a regular viewer of Power & Politics you may have noticed that we like to end the show with a little tidbit..The problem is… the segment doesn’t have a name. We sometimes call it the political goodie bag, but frankly, that name isn’t that good. There are a couple of caveats: the name has to be able to be encompass the funny and the light as well as the serious (when need be). And it shouldn’t include my name. Rosie’s Rambles, for instance, […]


Blogging blahs – but a congrats to Kady O’Malley on getting a CBC gig

When you catch a nasty post-Thanksgiving sinus cold, one really doesn’t feel like blogging too much – not even on something you are passionate about – such as politics. In between sniffling and using up half a forest of Kleenex, however, this caught my eye – Kady O’Malley is making the jump to the Mother Corporation:

Political blogger Kady O’Malley is making the switch from Maclean’s magazine to CBC News. O’Malley, who has covered federal politics for more than a decade, will be part of the CBC News team covering Ottawa and will blog for, beginning Oct. 26. She has covered federal politics as a freelance writer for the […]


Are the Cons. to give public taxpayer money to private media so they can buy sports teams??

As you may know, some of the private media companies in Canada are asking for money to help their companies during these tough economic times, and the Conservatives are considering a 150 million $ fund to help them, even as they turned away the CBC’s request for additional funds.

It should be no surprise that the private media are asking that this fund be excluded from the CBC. It will be no surprise if the Conservatives agree to that; it’s rather blatantly obvious the bias the Conservative government has against the CBC. What raises my ire today is that a couple of these private media companies, while pleading poor to […]


Reflections on Gritgirl’s newest video on Harper vs the CBC.

Gritgirl released her newest video late yesterday evening. First off, here it is:

My own thoughts are there are probably a lot of Conservatives out there (sadly) that would love to see the CBC go dark. In fact, if you read through some of the Blogging Tory sites, you’ll find no lack of glee that the CBC’s funds are not being given a boost and that layoffs and cuts to programs are resulting, and some more or less declaring they want the CBC killed off.

I’m betting though, that the general population of Canada would find that unacceptable. So, here’s my challenge to the Harper Conservatives and their […]


Some Progressive Bloggers are getting profiled on CBC’s “The National” tonight.

As you may remember, I mentioned we had a CBC crew at the Progressive Bloggers BBQ a couple of weeks back getting some clips for their Susan Ormiston Online show, and also saying they were doing some stuff on CBC’s The National. That evening has apparently come, according to an email from the CBC producer that was there with her camera crew:

“Just wanted to send you a note to let you know our blogger profile piece is on The National tonight…If you get a chance please let everyone know to watch and it will be posted on our site tomorrow.”


So if you tune into the […]

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