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And it gets worse…

Another open hint that if the Cons. had their way, capital punishment would be put back on the books here:

The Conservative government will not co-sponsor a United Nations resolution calling for a global moratorium on the death penalty, breaking with a nearly decade-old tradition.

Their excuse?

“There are a sufficient number of co-sponsors already, and we will focus our efforts on co-sponsoring other resolutions within the UN system which are more in need of our support,” said (foreign affairs spokesperson) Catherine Gagnaire.

Now, with that explanation, you’d think co-sponsoring a resolution was some highly complex process, and maybe there’s some merit to the reply that many other countries are […]


Cons. found little support for capital punishment in polling

Some encouraging news today that Canada today is not the same as the Canada of the 1950’s; support is very low for a return to capital punishment (much to the probable dismay of the dinosaurs in the Conservative Party, who were sniffing around for an issue to use, by the looks of things):

The Conservative government found that just one in five Canadians supported the death penalty as a criminal deterrent in a survey it commissioned this summer in support of its justice policies.

That lack of support in Canada didn’t stop the Cons from their “no asking for clemency” for Canadians sentenced to death abroad, of course (which as […]


If you run afoul of Conservative morals, you’re screwed as a Cdn citizen abroad.

That didn’t take long.

Remember Stock Day’s statement on how they wouldn’t be advocating clemency for Canadians convicted of murder “in a democratic country under the rule of law”? Well, apparently the bar is even lower then that, as the Edmonton Journal pointed out:

If you get into trouble in a foreign country, the Harper Conservatives will only go to bat for you if the effort fits in with one or another of their political, social, or moral agendas. Want to conduct a “Free Tibet” protest on the Great Wall of China, and by so doing vex the godless commies in Beijing? No worries, Canada’s New Government will be there […]


The tough guy Cons don’t want to look like wimps pleading for death-penalty clemencies.

When even the normally conservative supporting National Post rips the Conservatives for their decision to no longer ask for clemency for Canadians sentenced to death in other “rule of law” countries, you know its a pratfall on the Cons. part.

It didn’t help the Cons. when Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day more or less admitted pleading for clemency didn’t fit in with the tough-guy image this government is trying to portray on law and order. That explanation by Stock of how wimpy a plea for clemency would make the tough-guy Conservative government look explains why last week the Dept of Foreign Affairs made the pretty clear statement that it was […]

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