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A good question

In light of another article on CanWest’s time running out for the sinking media company to pay its creditors, I saw a good question asked by Rob Maguire at Facebook: Does anyone see the downside to letting Canwest fail?

The obvious one, as Rob says over there, would be job losses. Anything else?


Are the Cons. to give public taxpayer money to private media so they can buy sports teams??

As you may know, some of the private media companies in Canada are asking for money to help their companies during these tough economic times, and the Conservatives are considering a 150 million $ fund to help them, even as they turned away the CBC’s request for additional funds.

It should be no surprise that the private media are asking that this fund be excluded from the CBC. It will be no surprise if the Conservatives agree to that; it’s rather blatantly obvious the bias the Conservative government has against the CBC. What raises my ire today is that a couple of these private media companies, while pleading poor to […]

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