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Conservative version of ‘If you’re not with us, you’re against us’

There is one section of the Conservative government that has definitely not gone on vacation during prorogation; the Prime Minister’s Office, known also as the PMO. They’ve sure been a busy bunch lately; when they’re not smearing respected law professors, they’re going after bankers and finance folks who actually know a thing or two about how the economy works, but who have the gall to disagree with the Conservative government’s narrative. They’re also throwing out hyperbole at opposition MP’s when protesters decide to let the PM know they don’t appreciate or agree with his ideological policies, and casting aspersions on former heads of non-partisan commissions they’ve let go, too.

The […]


CAPP’s next moves

Via Kady O’Malley, we see that CAPP is thinking of doing several things; changing what its acronym stands for, becoming incorporated as a non-profit organization, and more substantively, trying to educate people about democracy and activism:

Following the resounding success of the nation-wide rallies held January 23rd, CAPP organizers have begun planning the future of the movement. Hoping to maintain the momentum achieved by those demonstrations, organizers have begun initiating plans in support of a greater long-term strategy. The strategy involves educating the public about democracy and their rights as citizens through the creation and administration of an independent database of information.

Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament is in the process […]


Add another Conservative excuse for prorogation not going over well.

The Peterborough Conservative MP Dean Del Maestro decides it’s his turn to try and explain prorogation. First he pulls out the already tried “it’s been used so many times before!” excuse, before finally settling on “it’s the media’s fault for covering this!” excuse.

Here’s hoping the voters of Peterborough helps Dean get a long rest after next election. Perhaps if CAPP decides to go with a strategy to target certain Conservative MP’s to aid in their defeat, I’m hoping Dean will be at the top of their list.


Another reason for prorogation; killing off the Afghanistan Committee?

There was some brief discussion about this in one of my comment threads yesterday, but it’s been reinforced today. An interesting bit of information in a CP release today which talks about the Conservative government relenting and paying off diplomat Richard Colvin’s legal bills – as he was entitled to receive. It’s to do with the Afghanistan Committee that Colvin testified at, and which is the precursor to all of this prorogation stuff. Check this part out about the Afghanistan Committee:

…It’s not clear, however, whether the committee charged with investigating Colvin’s claims will be resurrected once Parliament reconvenes in March given that the unanimous consent of all parties in […]


Ekos poll: Liberals take the lead (half point); detects ‘significant shift’

This Ekos poll was released tonight, and you’ll be seeing plenty of it on CBC later today, since it was done for them. The Liberals have crept into a “statistically insignificant lead”, but a lead nonetheless – the first since August 2009. The numbers are:

31.6% LPC 31.1% CPC 14.6% NDP 11.0% Green 9.1% BQ (37% in Quebec) 2.6% Other

Some of the key analysis from Frank Graves that I find rather striking:

“At this stage it is probably safe to say that despite considerable initial confusion over whether the government’s problems were ephemeral or structural the evidence is that there has been a significant shift..the fact that prorogation backfired […]


Liberals release proposals to make prorogation harder to do, but is it enough?

The hinted at reforms to curtailing the prorogation power of the Prime Minister was released by the Liberal Party and Michael Ignatieff at Ottawa today. Here’s an excerpt of the news-release with the proposals they’ve put forth:

To prevent future abuses of prorogation, the Liberal Party of Canada will seek to amend the Standing Orders of the House of Commons to:

• Require at least 10 days written notice from the Prime Minister of his intention to seek to prorogue, together with his specific reasons for doing so;

• Require the Prime Minister to bring the issue of prorogation before the House of Commons for a full debate;

• Prevent […]


If you dont believe CAPP is a reflection of public anger at prorogation…

..such as CFRB 1010’s John Moore who has liked to team up with Globe blogger Dan Cook in scoffing at the CAPP Facebook group, perhaps you and they will believe the polls show that anger – and yet another one released this evening confirms a drop for the Conservatives and a jump for the Liberals caused by – you’d never guess – public anger at prorogation:

The Conservative Party is holding a small lead over the Liberals in the latest survey from Ipsos Ried. In a telephone poll of 1,000 adult Canadians was carried out between January 19th to 21st, 34% said they would vote for the Conservatives if an […]


CAPP gets a bit of a membership boost

Just a brief Sunday observation: I see the CAPP facebook group has gotten a bit of a membership boost today; up to 214 295 members as of now – a boost of 3000 from yesterday morning when I last looked at it. Not surprising, given the good publicity and generally favourable media coverage the group has gotten with the # of protests and the amount of protesters willing to come out to make their voices heard.

The next phase of what to do now to keep that momentum going/keep pressure on the Harper government/get the opposition parties to introduce democratic reforms is taking place here at the “CAPP: A Second […]


My call: the anti-prorogue rallies are a success..

..from an attendance standpoint, if that’s your litmus test (and as I said last blogpost, it isn’t necessarily for me and others) and the total numbers from every protest centre haven’t trickled in yet.

However, from what we’ve seen from some reporter and organizer accounts on Twitter and Facebook, we’re getting reports/estimates from between 7000 – 15 000 at Toronto’s rally, an estimate by the RCMP of 3500 at Parliament Hill, 1000 or so in Montreal, and several hundred to 1000 elsewhere from Waterloo, London, Guelph, Kitchener, etc. The best report I’ve seen so far; Simcoe County’s Conservative MP reportedly predicted they’d only get 10 CAPP protesters at Orillia, […]


Does it matter how big the CAPP crowds are for the movement to be a success?

Many people have asked whether the tremendous success and growth of the Facebook group Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament (now at just under 211 000 members as of this AM) would translate over to the street in the form of today’s protests that are being held. That seems to be the question more then a few media pundits, politicians and pro-Conservative Harper folks are asking, and they are asserting that the CAPP movement will be judged a failure if massive amounts of people don’t show up at the rally (as an aside, most of these folks I’ve read haven’t put out a number of people showing up for them to judge […]

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