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More conservatives whining about the budget

Shorter Rob Mitchell: It’s Liberal blackmail that’s forcing the Conservatives to put out a Liberal-type Budget. Why wont the opposition leaders roll over and play dead to let us do what we want to do? (Read more) […]


Guest Blogpost: I read the budget and all I got was a lousy $166!

So even when you accept that giving more money to middle-class cranks like me and my friends is the best way to further long-term economic activity, this budget falls short when it comes to the kind of savings that would propel any of us to alter our perceptions or our behaviour to create the turn-around the press releases and the documents claim. […]


More thoughts on the Liberal Budget strategy – a method to the madness?

As you might have caught yesterday, I was actually not exactly pleased with the strategy Ignatieff and the Liberals went with on their approach to the Budget – I made it rather clear that I thought if they weren’t going to bring the government down, they could have been a lot tougher in what they were asking for in the way of amendments.

But I have to admit, after seeing all these Conservatives in angst and grief and anger, first at the series of blog reports that James Bowie did, (some of those are here and here), and now this and this (which by the way, has amused me to […]


Thoughts on the Liberal Budget strategy

I’m not as, um, enthusiastic as some about putting this “government on probation” strategy, or putting them on a tight lease strategy, because I’m not sure that the Liberals are really doing that.

Even in the “leaked” report that Steve was quoting from Bob Fife at his blogpost had the Liberals at least demanding that changes be made to the EI and infrastructure portion of the budget ( along with the requirement of reports 3 times a year back to Parliament), but in the Liberal Press release, that first portion isn’t even mentioned – all we’re doing is proposing an amendment that the government be required to report to […]

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