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The mandatory Economic Action Plan Sign census.

The Conservatives believe the mandatory longform census was much too intrusive for Canadians good (and may also have provided much too much information for the Conservatives good), but when it comes to wasting the bureaucracy’s time on tracking how many Economic Action Plan signs are out there, this government spares no expense or person hours to track them:

Civil servants across Canada were ordered by the federal government to document every single sign posted anywhere promoting the federal economic stimulus plan, The Canadian Press has learned. They’ve spent countless hours tracking every one of more than 8,500 signs posted since last summer, when the urgent, weekly exercise was ordered by […]


Pictures of some lonely looking Action Plan signs.

I got some pictures sent to me from a fan in Ottawa that you might enjoy.

The first is this:

My fan who sent the photo in informs me this sign is in a lakeside park near the person’s cottage in Eastern Ontario, which happens to be in the riding of Scott Reid, Conservative MP for Lanark-Frontenac. According to this person, 2 summers have passed now with no project; the graffiti/political statement on the sign that you see was apparently wrote on the sign in frustration this past year.

The next set of pictures comes from Ottawa:

According to my snap-shooter, these pictures of the Action Plan […]


More Conservative pork-barrel/partisan politics over economic stimulus.

Yet again today, we have more examples/evidence of the Conservatives deciding to use stimulus funds for partisan gain.

First, more studies from independent media researchers that continue to show that Conservative ridings are getting disproportionate funding advantages over opposition held ridings:

The investigation — a two-week project by The Chronicle Herald, the Ottawa Citizen and journalism students from Ottawa’s Algonquin College — found that across the country, Conservative ridings received $4.7 billion, more than half of the $8.5 billion announced under the federal government’s Building Canada infrastructure program…The analysis found that the federal government has announced, on average, $32.8 million in infrastructure spending in each Conservative riding, $9.2 million […]


A perfect example of a ‘red herring’ provided by the Conservatives

So, my last blogpost observed yesterday one of the levels of government was going to get blamed by the public for the H1N1 vaccine shortage if it continued. I didn’t say who I thought should be blamed; I just said someone was going to be if this situation continued. If you read the headlines and commentators today from various sources, you see that the federal Conservative government seems to be getting a share of the blame for this crisis.

Even as Harper-hating as I am, I’m not quite personally at the stage where I’m ready to condemn them as being at major fault for the situation over H1N1 and […]


Tony Clement & Conservatives still can’t get their stimulus stories straight.

It’s been said by some political observers that the Conservative Party and Harper are most effective when they can say and do stuff from scripted moments. When they get into unexpected crises and trouble that crops up unexpectedly however, they go off-message and make blunders. That appears to be the case here with the Conservative government trying to deflect criticism of themselves favoring Conservative held ridings over opposition party ridings when doling out stimulus funds. You see another example of that today, with cabinet minister Tony Clement getting his “facts” just plain wrong:

Last week, Industry Minister Tony Clement attempted to deflect questions about the amount of spending on hockey […]


I pretend to be a Conservative MP handing out government money..

..and crediting it to my party instead. Here I am sending you all your very own partisan infrastructure stimulus funding novelty cheque:

Do you also want to be a Conservative MP for a day? Create your own novelty cheque.

By the way, on a more serious and related note, read the Jim Travers article this AM on this pork-barrelling the Conservatives are engaging in:

Almost daily reports that the ruling party is favouring ridings it holds now and those it hopes to win soon mask deeper problems. Conservatives either don’t know or won’t say precisely how all those taxpayer dollars are being spent.

Call it confusion or obfuscation, Ottawa’s […]


More Conservative slush – this time in Northern Ontario.

A press release and report from Gerard Kennedy that is now at the Liberals homepage that you might find of interest:

Stephen Harper’s pork-barrel politics extends to Northern Ontario, where he let Tony Clement give Conservative ridings twice as much infrastructure funding as opposition-held ridings, a Liberal analysis shows. Under the first comprehensive look at all of the stimulus funds in announced in Northern Ontario, the Conservatives gave their two Northern Ontario ridings an average of $35 million, compared to $18 million on average for the other eight ridings in the region held by opposition parties.

It appears Minister Clement’s riding did very well in getting stimulus money, which shouldn’t […]


Replacing doorknobs is part of the Conservatives economic stimulus?

Apparently so:

The Harper government is plastering signs promoting its economic action plan on federal buildings that are receiving what Liberals say is routine maintenance. Liberal MP Wayne Easter says a huge “propaganda” sign has been posted outside an RCMP building in Charlottetown, where “internal door hardware” — otherwise known as door knobs — are being installed…

“Do you think this is stimulus, putting a door knob in an RCMP building in this country? (Prime Minister) Stephen Harper calls this stimulus?” he said, holding up a door knob for emphasis. “For every (time) he screws a light bulb in a building, he’ll probably have a sign out in front of […]


The Conservative Economic Action Plan at work – stimulating the mudbath industry.

Forget about funding a Montreal PRIDE gay and lesbian arts festival that brings millions of dollars in revenue to that city. The government of Canada prefers to spend their economic stimulus on stimulating a nordic spa startup industry:

The Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Public Works and Government Services, today announced the awarding of $200,000 in repayable funding to Spa Le Montagnais under the Community Economic Diversification Initiative – Vitality to undertake the work necessary to establish a Nordic spa… The coexistence of a Nordic spa with other local attractions is bound to attract novelty-seeking visitors.

I think there’s a joke to be made somewhere here about shifting funding […]

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