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More Grinch remarks from Conservative Cabinet Ministers/Appointees

I said a couple of days ago I thought these guys might clam up leading to the Christmas holidays after the James Moore debacle, but no, they just can’t seem to help showing themselves as the modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge/Grinch government. I obviously underestimated the foot-in-mouth disease, as its spread. I’m not surprised it would be Peter MacKay who would be the next one to show symptoms of it a couple of days ago…

Justice Minister Peter MacKay lash(ed) out at judges for circumventing new rules requiring them to impose financial penalties on people convicted of a crime: doubling of the fine for a summary offence to $100 and $200 for […]


A tad late

My parent’s got this in the mail (regular mail) from their Oxford County MP, Conservative Dave MacKenzie:

Nothing unusual about constituents receiving a flyer or note at Christmas from their local MP wishing them a Merry Christmas, except that this was received by my folks in their mailbox this morning on January 14, 2008*. It didn’t even get here in time for Orthodox Christmas, let alone traditional Christmas. I have yet to go around to my neighbours to see if they also received the same flyer.

I’m not sure whether this was Canada Post bungling up, or some staffers of Mr. Mackenzie’s in Ottawa or Woodstock didn’t look at […]

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