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Silly NDP Budget Antics

As some know, I’m not one who normally goes out of my way to go after the NDP on a lot of things, as they have positions closer to me then the Conservatives do by a longshot, but if this is Thomas Mulcair’s new strategy, it doesn’t exactly bode well for opposition party cooperation or opposition party supporter’s wooing:

..the New Democrats have still not let the Liberals respond to last week’s budget in the House of Commons and are going against tradition to use all of the response time themselves. When asked about the strategy after Question Period, Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair said the NDP plans to use every […]


Mulcair – impressive in CBC interview

This is a day ago, but I thought it worthwhile to post for those who didn’t see it in it’s entirety. The new NDP and Official Opposition Leader is being interviewed by Evan Solomon on his reaction to the Conservative 2012 Budget. I thought it was a pretty impressive performance. If he can translate that over to his stump speeches, he will be a formidable foe for both Harper and the new permanent Liberal leader.

Good soundbite quotes too – Evan really likes the one at the end over the penny.

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