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Will new BC Liberal leader Christy Clark live up to the party’s name?

I’ve often been critical of the provincial BC Liberal Party/Government as being LINO’s – Liberals In Name Only. They have often appeared to exhibit more of the conservative strain they acquired when the old Social Credit party members joined up with them. Gordon Campbell was as “blue” as a Liberal could be, without actually calling himself a Conservative.

Now the BC Liberals have elected Christy Clark as their new leader (and by being in government, the Premier). One can look around at some prominent Liberal bloggers (many who I consider to be rather progressive in outlook federally) and see they publicly and actively supported her bid. Does that mean Christy […]


Harper and the Conservatives: Promise Breakers

I’d like to point you all to a new website that The BC Liberal campaign has launched as of this morning:

This sort of fits into the theme some of the progressive blogging community did on Sunday, when we were detailing all of the Conservatives broken promises from their last campaign. In this specific case, is a comprehensive audit of the Conservatives’ BC platform for the last election, detailing every broken promise. It was obviously cleverly timed to come on line to coincide with Stephen Harper’s visit to the Vancouver area this morning.

Check it out. You’ll see quite a few “Promise Made; Promise Broken” lines over there. […]

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