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“A tale of two Tories”

Nice alliteration for the title of this latest Youtube Video on the rather complex relationship between Harper and Mulroney, though I’d argue you’re misusing the political term of “Tory” when referring to Stephen Harper:

I like the storybook theme with this, but my 1 complaint with this video is I think it takes too long to explain to people. I was getting rather impatient half way through this waiting for it to end.


Perception is everything.


On keeping focus

I don’t mind if the Liberals and Dion ask that this independent arbitrator look into all possibilities of what went on with Mulroney and Schreiber, and to see what exactly went on in the Privy Council Office (I’m skeptical myself that in this regime, with its top-down control style of Harper’s, that officials in the PCO would withhold something as potentially damaging as these letters from him), but I think Liberals need to not yield to the temptation of trying to present this as the Conservatives equivalent to the Gomery Commission.

Let the inquiry do it’s investigations and make its report, and if something juicy or incriminating comes up, then […]


The Blogging Tory canaries in the Cons/Mulroney noxious gases mineshafts perhaps

It’s an observation of some out there who observe this in the media and the blogging world that you can tell how serious an allegation against a party or a government is by how vehement the proxies for that particular group deny the allegations, or by how much smearing and obfuscation they attempt to fling at the other side in an attempt to distract from the issue troubling their favourite political side.

If that is the case, then the initial reactions from the Blogging Tories and some online conservative commenter trolls to the Mulroney-Schreiber Airbus controversy and how it seems to have entangled Harper and the Cons are very telling, […]

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