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The Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament surpasses 127 000 members today.

I, and no doubt the entire nation (or maybe just the nation of those who blog and read blogs) breathlessly await .. no.. YEARN.. for Mr. Stephen Taylor, Blogging Tory head and organizer of anti-coalition marches and FB protest groups last year, to now admit that yes, CAPP has met his threshold that he arbitrarily set as his marker to make the group legit (in his eyes anyhow) as a legit expression of grasroots outrage/protest.

I somehow think I’m going to be disappointed waiting – I suspect the goalposts are going to be moved by him.

UPDATE a moment later: Ah.. I see it wasn’t long in that last prediction […]


Hypocrisy, thy name is The Blogging Tories.

So apparently, the big Conservative plan of attack on Mr. Ignatieff today has been to charge that he doesn’t even donate money to his own party. All types of Conservative bloggers and ahem, friendly news aggregators, have apparently been given their orders to parrot this around today.

I have just a couple of suggestions to our digging dirt right-wing compatriots:

a) I’d suggest the Conservatives do some better research at that multi-million dollar war-room facility of theirs, which would have showed that Mr Ignatieff and his wife have indeed donated to the LPC the past several years, as Warren documents at his blog at the above link.

b) Also courtesy […]


“Iggy is too uppity to be a leader”

That will apparently be the Conservatives – or at least the Blogging Tories – line going after Ignatieff come the next election, if this blogentry of Stephen Taylor that was highlighted over at Macleans is any indication. Apparently, Harper’s attending more hockey games then Ignatieff shows he has the appeal to the common man, or something, while Iggy being the grandson of a Russian czar is supposed to invoke negative connotations; maybe Mr. Taylor is inferring that Iggy would betray our oil rights in the Arctic under the melted Arctic ice to Vladimir Putin, or something.

By the way, let’s take a look at how much empathy and how many […]


Just curious about 1 thing over this potential defeat of Harper.

How many Blogging Tory sites before and during the election campaign were calling on Harper and the Conservatives to eliminate public election financing? For that matter, how many were calling for it in between election day and prior to the leakage about Flaherty intending to eliminate it 3 days ago?

It certainly wasn’t in the Conservative Party platform. And, as I recall, it wasn’t passed or even talked about as a resolution out at the CPC policy Convention in Winnipeg.

Strange how it’s become a matter of utmost importance now that the Conservative government is in peril, eh?


Attempt at a gotcha moment, Part 2.


Wanting human rights respected isn’t being “emotional”


Paranoia and delusional = a scary combo.


On picking and choosing parliamentary convention.

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