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Conservative leadership scuttles Bill C-484.

The Conservative government must have gotten spooked at all the public opposition coming over Bill C-484, because suddenly Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has announced the Conservative government is going to basically abandon Ken Epp’s private members bill – The Unborn Victims of Violence Act – with its own government-sponsored bill, that will have no mention of fetal rights in it:

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson announced Monday that the government will draft a new bill to replace Bill C-484, the Unborn Victims of Crime Act, so that it closes the debate about fetal rights and focuses instead on penalizing criminals who harm pregnant women…”We’ve heard criticism from across the country, including […]


That’s a stretch.


Ken Epp’s motivation behind his Unborn Victims of Crime Bill?

Great catch by Laura over at We Move to Canada. She caught a show in CP24 with a debate involving Ken Epp trying to reassure everyone how his bill has nothing to do with granting legal status to a fetus, is not anti-abortion, could not be used to prosecute pregnant women. When others began to press Ken on why not toughen sentences on attackers of pregnant women rather then bringing the fetus into it as he has done with his bill, his answer according to Laura was that he wanted to recognize the humanity of the unborn child.

This was said just moments after insisting his bill had nothing to […]

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