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The Conservatives aren’t going to make very good censors if Bill C-10 passes.

Now I know it’s all Bernier all the time on the blogs – at least on the Progressive blogosphere and in the media blogs – but I caught something else today that no one seemed to catch or mention: seems like several of the Conservatives were um, a tad embarrassed that they were on the VIP list for a rather steamy sex film – a film that might be something their censor board would deny tax credits for if Bill C-10 ever was to pass – of course, someone has to actually SEE the movie to be able to make that determination, right? They’re going to have to get over […]


When you don’t get your way, threaten to make bills confidence motions. Why not call the Cons. bluff?

There’s been a fair bit of controversy about Bill C-10, the bill that would give the Conservatives censorship power over films that apply for a tax credit. If it offends their sense of morality, they would refuse the film’s application. So out of the blue after his testimony to the Senate yesterday, Jim Flaherty threatens that if Bill C-10 gets amended, the Cons. will consider it a matter of confidence.

This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. Under the circumstances, when you have the Liberals undecided on what course of action to take on when to force an election, why not threaten votes of confidence on items of your agenda that […]

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