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A wistful we-told-you-so on the F-35 debacle

A lot of ink and writing has been spilled elsewhere over this scandal – one where the Conservative government of Canada and its Cabinet Ministers, and it’s Prime Minister has been found severely wanting by the Auditor-General on the true costs of the planes, the deliberate attempt to prevent multiple tenders, etc. The way the government presented these figures to the public is also under attack. Opposition to this project a year or 2 ago was branded just short of treason, and the government refused to provide true costing to the Parliament.

Indeed, this refusal was the primary reason the Conservatives fell on a non-confidence motion and found to be […]


Auditor General still isn’t convinced by Cons. public stance on preserving independence.

Yesterday I wrote that the Cons. seemed to have backed down, at least publicly, in Parliament by assuring the House that they would not try to muzzle independent officers of Parliament, such as the Auditor General, by putting forth a policy that would require all of their communications to be approved by the Privy Council Office.

Perhaps I was too quick in presuming that. Last night, the Cons. released a letter which Treasury Board president Vic Toews sent to the Auditor-General in March, which they claimed shows their desire to maintain the independence of those officials, but the Auditor General’s office publicly retorted she isn’t convinced:

“I believe […]

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