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Harper goes on his latest Arctic PR tour to show he’s really serious about arctic sovereignty.

Your latest attempt by Harper to show how “tough” he and the Conservatives are on the Arctic:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will arrive in Iqaluit on Monday as part of an Arctic trip that will include observing an anti-submarine warfare exercise. The prime minister will board the frigate HMCS Toronto on Wednesday to observe Operation Nanook, a military exercise intended to help demonstrate Canada’s sovereignty in the eastern Arctic near Baffin Island where Russian and American subs have long prowled.

Hopefully, the military folks will point out the distinct lack of ice and icebergs in the area caused by climate change (where Arctic ocean ice is melting toward another dangerously […]


The Arctic ecosystem continues to degrade.

Arctic Report Card:

Fall temperatures in the Arctic are at record highs, the Arctic Ocean is warming and desalinating as sea ice melts, and reindeer herds appear to be declining, researchers reported yesterday..For example, fall air temperatures in the Arctic are at a record 5C above normal. The report noted 2007 was the warmest year on record in the Arctic, leading to a record loss of sea ice. This year’s sea ice melt was second only to 2007.

A plurality of Canadians are going to have to realize that the environment and the economy are linked – not adversarial, as Harper painted it this past election. Inaction on the […]


Conservative priorities misplaced in the Arctic.

It’s rather fitting on the day that Harper is announcing plans to invest money into searching for oil and minerals in the Arctic that this report comes out:

Arctic Ocean sea ice has melted to the second lowest minimum since satellite observations began, according to scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Sea ice melt recorded on Monday exceeded the low recorded in 2005, which had held second place. With several weeks left in the melt season, ice in summer 2008 has a chance to diminish below the record low set last year, according to scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

So my theory is […]

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