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Flip a Coyne..

You never know what you’re going to get from Andrew Coyne. One day he comes out in favour of such electoral reforms like the ill-fated Mixed Member Proportional election system that failed in Ontario, and the next, he’s again exhorting Prime minister Harper to stay the course and eliminate public campaign financing in federal elections.

If you’re wondering why Andrew wants this, a hint of it is contained in his piece. It seems that Andrew believes “in the principle… that people should contribute to political parties on their own dime, and that parties should have to appeal to willing donors rather than conscript the taxpayer”.

In holding this view, […]


Just a little observation on Coyne making Cool-Aid for Manley

Just a brief follow-up to my previous post; If John Manley ever DOES get brave and actually decides to run for the Liberal leadership rather then snipe from the sidelines and kneecap his supposed current party, and Andrew Coyne decides to resign from Maclean to be his press secretary or media relations guy, these 2 posts of Coyne (practically begging Manley to run to stop this dastardly coalition with the NDP, and to run a.. I don’t know.. Joe Lieberman type campaign) should be read so as you’re not completely shocked by Andrew’s career move.


If you want to see what rightwing ranting and foaming at the mouth looks like..

…check out Andrew Coyne’s liveblogging of the BC Human Rights Tribunal looking into whether Macleans exposed Muslims to hatred by publishing excerpts from Mark Steyn’s book.

Part 1 is here (comments are closed, but you’ll get the idea – even Marc Lemire makes an appearance, accusing Macleans of getting what they deserve), and Part 2 is here (ranting and raving in comments currently in progress).

I’m not picking on Andrew at all – but the comments thread looks like what Small Dead Animals or any number of extreme-right-wing blogs message threads looks like (and many of the lunatics are in there).


Help Andrew Coyne get a more creative name for his blog.

Actually, Andrew isn’t actively soliciting a name change, but his fellow blogger at Maclean’s Andrew Potter is stumping for one:

You have to admit, there are some pretty snappily-named blogs here at Blog Central…And then there’s the blog hosted by our very own National Editor Andrew Coyne, and his cleverly titled blog, Andrew Coyne’s Blog…since Andrew himself doesn’t seem to have any good ideas, it’s time for the people to choose. So here we go PG readers, fire up the brain cells. Put your suggestions in the comments here or email them to me. We’ll run this till Friday midnight, or till we get a winner, or till something else […]


A couple of conservatives make their pitch for MMP

It’s kind of interesting if you look at this list (accurate as of Sept 19th) that’s been compiled of the MPP’s who are asked whether they support MMP or not. The Liberals have slightly more favoured then opposed, and an equal # who are neutral. The NDP’ers (those who have been asked) and the Green’s are unsurprisingly unanimous so far in their endorsement of MMP. Take a look at the PC’s, however – so far, not a single Progressive Conservative MPP has come out in favour of supporting mixed-member proportional; which may be the reason John Tory is trying to invoke fear into the electorate of “appointed mpp’s” (a falsehood […]

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