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Yes they did.

Congratulations to the President-elect and Vice-President elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The last 8 years of Bush misery are now over and will soon be a distant memory.


Will McCain accept this endorsement?

Dick Cheney: “The Right Leader For This Moment In History Is Senator John McCain”

As the story at TPM says, it wasn’t even the McCain campaign that notified the main press outlets of this endorsement, it was the Obama campaign, who gleefully pointed it out to everyone. Obama’s campaign apparently believes an endorsement by the Vice-President – whose approval ratings are in the teens – will have the same popularity amongst the American voting public as an Osama Bin Laden endorsement of McCain would.

It will be interesting to see if McCain’s campaign runs away from this “endorsement” or not.


If John Mccain wants to appeal to independent voters..

.. in the remaining and dwindling time he has left to do so, my advice to him would be to make sure that he takes Michelle Bachmann, Republican Congress member from Minnesota, off the TV circuit. Watch as she says she’s concerned that Barack Obama and his wife are anti-American, and she also called for, get this, reporters to investigate which members of Congress are secretly against America. Joe Mccarthy 2008 anyone?

The Democrats, however, are secretly thanking her for her Mccarthyesque rant. When the Democratic netroots got ahold of Bachmann’s interview and displayed it for all to see, her Democratic opponent had only been given donations of […]


Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. Wow.

I just finished watching Barack Obama’s acceptance speech as candidate for the Democrats as President Of the United States.


This wasn’t just soaring rhetoric; he laid out some of the policies he wanted to do, and he was taking it to John McCain and the Republicans and going head-on against the attacks they’ve been levelling against him. He was also being pretty gutsy in laying out that he respected those who disagreed with him on gay marriage, guns, abortion, social security, etc. Talk about being bold for bringing up all those right-wing boogeymen topics.

Full text of speech here, but you really need to see it to capture […]

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