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Liberal riding and commission presidents should be accountable to their riding members over their votes.

The Liberals have a Convention in May, as you may know. Some are a bit concerned about whether anything of actual substance beyond formally ratifying Ignatieff as the leader is going to happen – particularly with regards to discussing/debating policy. That’s happening even with Liberals who I know were actual Ignatieff supporters at the 2006 Liberal Convention.

Today, Jeff has a pretty good blogpost up about his concerns about what will actually be happening at this year’s convention. The key paragraph for me is this one:

…right now any party member can vote for policy prioritization through En Famille. You have until tonight at midnight, although you wouldn’t know unless […]


Stephen Harper – A.D.D.

Continuing our vlog theme for today, we have another video for perusal, called “Stephen Harper – A.D.D.”.

That would stand for Accountability Deficit Disorder, if you were wondering, and it’s the title of the new Youtube Video that the creative bloggers at A Creative Revolution have come up with.


Miscellaneous Simcoe Day thoughts

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