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The reason(s) behind individual Conservative MP’s rejecting Anti-Trudeau 10%’ers

I find the revelations that several Conservative MP’s are uneasy and not willing to participate in the “10 percent’er” mass mail attack ad campaign that the Conservative Party plan against Justin Trudeau to be rather fascinating (privately as well, apparently). I’m curious of course why there is unease now at this, when there certainly wasn’t or wouldn’t be if this was Stephane Dion or Michael Ignatieff, and this mailing was planned for Conservative-held ridings – mostly friendly territory you would think, for the usual smear stuff like this.

Are individual MP’s getting more flack from their riding’s voters then we publicly know – and is it due to the fact […]


More trees chopped and more money wasted on partisan flyers by the Cons

This is one time that this particular endorsement from this particular group I don’t mind seeing:

The Liberals are getting some support from a small-c conservative source for their opposition motion Monday that aims to cut government waste by curbing the use of political tools like 10-percenter mailings. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation plans to e-mail its supporters on the Conservative backbenches and within the NDP caucus, asking them to back the Liberal initiative. The 10-per-centers are flyers that are sent, using taxpayers money, by MPs into the ridings of other federal politicians. Their messages are often overtly partisan.

Rather hard for the Conservatives to reject the Liberal proposal without […]


A new low in ‘ten-percenter’ political ads from the Conservatives.

I have to agree with Cameron: this is probably the most disgusting cheap-shot type “ten-percenter” political ads I’ve seen come from the Conservatives (which is saying a lot, considering what they’ve been sending out), and I say that even when it’s not targeting a Liberal. It’s targeting NDP MP Charlie Angus, the MP who has been highlighting the plight of the children of the First Nations of Attawapiskat and fighting for them to get a new school to replace their old contaminated one.

To say that this ad is full of bunk is an understatement. This 10 percenter flyer is full of Pierre Poilievre-type cheapshots in this thing, delivered to […]


The Conservatives don’t know how to DO positive.

In brief, I saw this very good analysis by Steve on the diminishing returns this “go negative all the time” strategy the Conservatives are employing that even has some of their Blogging Tory faithful questioning its effectiveness, and I’ll just add this: I think in some of these “10 percenter” ads the Cons have been employing, they ARE trying to list accomplishments of the positive variety that this government has done since in power, but the problem is that they’re not even able to do THAT without throwing negativity into the mix. Read the Collingwood paper in Helena Guergis’s riding (as pointed out by Impolitical) being critical of its tone:


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