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Need some New Year Resolutions?

This might apply more to Christmas, but I think if you want a New Year’s Resolution, this would work too:

Why not give some of yourself away?

– Give an hour of time to someone who needs you – Give a note of encouragement to someone feeling down – Give a hug of affirmation to someone in your family – Give some time to someone who is lonely – Give a meal to someone who is sick – Give a word of compassion to someone who has suffered a loss – Give a second chance to the fallen – Give a deed of thoughtfulness to someone who is often overlooked […]


Getting into the Christmas Spirit…

…here at the Diatribes.. Â Nice little theme for Christmas week, don’t you think? 😉


(OK.. I liked it for a day… but it limits my ability to do certain things without modifying the theme.. so gone after a day 🙂 )




Help Save The Monarch Butterfly: Plant Some Milkweed

A slightly different post today on the weekend. I’ve always loved Monarch Butterflies. When I was a kid, we picked milkweed with monarch caterpillars on them, put them into an old fish tank aquarium, kept supplying them with fresh milkweed and then made sure we hung sticks or metal rods across the top so they had somewhere to climb to form their chrysalis.. and eventually hatch.

Nowadays though, Monarchs are increasingly threatened, partially due to deforestation in Mexico in their wintering grounds, partially due to bad weather, and maybe a lot to do with the face that Milkweed, specifically Common Milkweed, the prime source of food for the Monarchs, […]


Season’s Greetings/Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Happy New Year

I think I about covered the gamut in the title, but on this Christmas night, I hope your Christmas was delightful (or will be, as I know some have a Christmas on Boxing Day as well), and I wish all of you the best for this holiday season.


Ice Storm 2013

As of this writing, there are still hundreds of thousands of people without power in Toronto and the GTA from the massive icestorm that hit this area between Friday and Sunday.

In my particular neck of the woods, we were fortunate in that we “only” got about 12 hrs worth of freezing rain, and the temperature never got lower then -1, so we didn’t get as much. I was visiting my folks and took some of these pictures of the aftermath (fortunately for them, they didn’t lose power):

Nature can be very beautiful, while at the same time being terribly inconvenient.



In remembrance on Remembrance Day

This will be the first Remembrance Day where I will have to remember both of these fine gentlemen/grandparents, as both have passed on - Flying Officer Le Verne Haley on the left (passed in 2012), Sergeant Stanley Tribe (Army) on the right (passed away this year) – Gr Haley’s pic was taken in Charlottetown PEI before he was posted to England – Gr Tribe was in in England. There was an interesting contrast between the two; my Grandpa Haley would always, as long as he was healthy, participate in the Remembrance Day ceremonies in full uniform, and has written about his war experiences (which we always find fascinating to read) […]


RIP Silence. 1999-2013.

I mention this briefly since I brought it up last week… but unfortunately, my cat Silence had to be put down on Saturday. His high liver enzyme issues were actually a sign of advanced cirrhosis of the liver/liver failure, and it had been detected too late for the medication we gave him to have any effect.

That’s the problem with cats – they sometimes mask/hide their illness so well that you aren’t able to discover there’s a problem til its the point of no return. We knew about his diabetes, and the hypothyroid was also recent, but unfortunately it was the liver that did him in. It was the merciful […]


A longer break then I wanted.

Sorry about the pause in posting, folks, but I am nursing a very sick companion of mine.

My diabetic cat (named Silence) who suddenly started going moderate to heavily hypoglycemic on me last week when he had no business doing so. Vet was afraid he might have keytosis, but it turns out had a combo of things wrong – liver enzymes way out of whack, + a hypothyroid condition (makes cats thin, not fat like it does in humans). We thought those might be under control after a weekend stay at the vets, (and apparently eating like a horse), but as of this AM now has something wrong with […]


I break from a politics blog for 1 second..

…to show you what a Hobbit/LOTR geek I am.

Another reason besides Christmas that I want December to get here quick


A great person

I’ve been offline this week from the normal political/social stuff due to the passing of my last grandparent this past Monday. His funeral was today – someone I’m going to miss a lot, but who made something out of a difficult childhood to live a very good life

Stanley Richard Tribe, 1919-2013

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