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All in a diplomatic day’s work

So in one single day, we’ve managed to offend the Maldives, take potshots at the Commonwealth (and have some normally friendly Commonwealth allies reproach us), and get into a diplomatic ruckus with Brazil over possible Canadian economic spying (on Brazilian mines and energy – why doesn’t that surprise me?).

John Baird and Stephen Harper must be a tad bored or something. I think prorogation needs to end fairly soon here, else we’re not going to have anyone left to get into a snit with (we still like the La Francophonie organization, right?).


Evidence of climate change

Apologies for the extended absence, but there was a death in the family which absorbed my time for the middle and end of last week.. family comes before blogging.

Anyhow, to start off the new (and short) work week, I caught an article from Dr Jeff Masters over at The Weather Underground. In this article, he comments that since 2010, things seems to have gotten very extreme, weather-wise:

Every year extraordinary weather events rock the Earth. Records that have stood centuries are broken. Great floods, droughts, and storms affect millions of people, and truly exceptional weather events unprecedented in human history may occur. But the wild roller-coaster ride of incredible […]


Conservative government doing a Don Quixote impression?

Really, I have to wonder if anything will come of Harper sending his Cabinet Ministers to far-flung parts of the globe in an effort to rally against a bank tax – particularly when the key proponents of the measure (the US and Britain) seem intent on going forward with it, regardless of how much we protest.

One ironic thing about this whole venture: Harper claims it’s unfair that Canada’s banks should be punished because of how stable they’ve been; yet he and his spokespeople/ministers fail to mention they were opposed to the very measures that former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien passed in order to keep the Canadian banks from […]


A comparison between Christian groups; who gets gov’t funded, who doesn’t

These folks, as pointed out by BigCityLib, get funded. I’ll quote from one of the members from that group her description of the aims of that group:

Learners who begin in their mother language have better cognitive development and are likely able to handle demanding subject matter. Trudell says their whole approach to education is with an eye cast toward the Gospel….Once the translations are completed and available, churches can move forward in discipleship, while keeping the community’s identity intact, much more quickly. “If the education system can produce readers of the Scripture,” says Trudell, “that’s a real boost for us in Bible translation because we have an automatic, ready-made […]


Advice to Speaker Milliken

My first piece of advice: don’t let the government fool you into thinking they’re complying with the demand from Parliament to hand over all relevant Afghan documents unredacted and uncensored, when they go and hand over redacted and heavily censored Afghanistan documents, and none of the documents that was requested by the Parliamentary committee. This is just a propaganda effort from the government designed to fool you into thinking they’re complying.

My 2nd piece of advice; you’ve said you would rule on the opposition parties points of order points of privilege saying the government is ignoring Parliament and in contempt if they do not turn over those unredacted documents once […]


Outraged at the KAIROS cuts by the Cons? Here’s 7 ways to support KAIROS

This got passed on to me from the United Church of Canada Twitter feed (yes, I was a bit surprised they use Twitter). They’ve linked to a page over at KAIROS that lists seven things you can do to support KAIROS and try to let the federal Conservatives know you don’t appreciate or support their funding cuts.

I’ll note as an aside that not listed in the members of the Federal Cabinet to contact is Jason Kenney, the Minister of Immigration who set off the firestorm by claiming KAIROS Canada’s funding was cut because they were anti-Israel/anti-Semitic, so I’m slightly curious whether this page was made before Jason Kenney opened […]


The KAIROS funding cuts reason as given by Jason Kenney is bull

While I will talk about anything politically on here, I normally do not discuss matters to do with the Middle East, because in my experience, any attempt at discussing that rationally unfortunately eventually leads one to either getting called a “pro-Zionist” or an “anti-Semitic”. I am going to make an exception here today to discuss something that I find particularly galling: federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s reasoning given over in Jerusalem for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) cutting funding to KAIROS Canada, a multi-denominational Christian aid group that works for social justice causes.

According to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, the reason that KAIROS Canada funding was cut was […]


You indeed reap what you sow.

Andrew Coyne is upset the opposition parties didn’t leap to the defense of our Prime Minister when the Chinese Premier pointedly and publicly criticized him for his tardiness in visiting China.

As I said over at the comments there, with all the partisan games and cheapshots this Prime Minister has done on the opposition over the past few years, from calling them friends of the Taliban or accusing them (when they question what the Conservative government were doing in Afghanistan per the detainees issue) as being against Canadian soldiers, does anyone expect the opposition parties to be supportive when he gets a taste of his own medicine? I certainly am […]


Retired generals accessed secret government documents to prepare for testimony…

…and Peter MacKay has no idea how that happened. And pigs can fly.

Video supplied by CBC.


Generals parrot the Conservative line of ‘no reliable information’ on torture.

So, the three military brass, led by the former General Hiller, as expected basically said that Colvin didn’t know what he was talking about when he made his testimony last week. Gauthier even questioned the dates of when Colvin first informed folks, saying they were off by a year.. or at least nothing got to him from Colvin til after the Globe and Mail’s expose on the torture story in 2007. None of these folks heard, or saw, anything on torture reports or concerns apparently from Colvin, or dismissed them.

However, when questioning them, one of the opposition party members on the committee, as reported by Kady O’Malley’s liveblogging of […]

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