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My name is Scott Tribe (technically David Scott Tribe, but my parents decided to use my middle name, as my Dad’s name is David, and they didnt want to name me David Jr). I was born in Tillsonburg, Ontario, and attended the University of Guelph where I managed to get myself a B.A. Honours Degree in Political Science. I stick to blogging and writing – being a politician is not in my veins. I was one of the moderators at Progressive Bloggers, which was created in May 2005, but with Wayne Chu stepping back from blogging, I’ve now assumed the Site Administrator role there since early 2007, meaning I’m paying for the domain name and am responsible for any and all upgrades, moves, financial requirements, etc for it. I became a Liberal blogger (and a member of the Liberal blogging aggregate Liblogs) not long after Stephane Dion was elected leader in 2006. The man impressed me when I was there liveblogging the Convention in Montreal, and his ideological stances convinced me to become a Liberal Party member, blogger and “partisan”.

As for this blog, I had been publishing “diaries” or blogging at Progressive Bloggers, but once I became a Liberal, I decided to create this personal blog of my own to allow me to comment on political and social events, because I didn’t want to be seen as using Progressive Bloggers (which is multi-partisan) as furthering my own “agenda”. Hence, I created this blog to be able to comment on things at my own blog.

Major Influences on me politically and theologically: Pierre Trudeau, Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol)

Some stuff I do that doesn’t involve politics: curling, birdwatching, enjoying winter (my favourite season).

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